The Start of Making Things Official :

I’ve been meaning to start making a proper blog for awhile. Now, that everything around me is so busy and I have so many other things to accomplish I find the motivation to escape with this project. I have attempted to make blogs before, but they either come out not to my liking or my concentration issues make it impossible to keep updating…This time I have hopes it will be different.

This time, I’m fighting for my dreams :p

I.L. Knight


UP – Epik High (Ft. Bom)

Fan Fiction Fridays :

Hi Hi Y’all!

I don’t know if anyone follows my Instagram but I have started something called Fan Fiction Fridays! All my Fan Fiction updates will happen on that day once a week from now on!

A hint for what is going to be updated will be on my story Friday morning before the actual update.

I did last Friday as a secret trial run for myself. Did anyone notice that last week The Shadowhunter Universe had two more chapters updated? YOU SHOULD OF!

Because besides this friday’s update I will also be updating the first ORIGINAL art piece (by Juliet) on the page!

christian and aliyah - commission for nambit_kisa - by questionartbox

If you didn’t see my Instagram or didn’t know the Fan Fiction I was talking about here is the updated series:

Maou-sama no Machizukuri!

I really y’all enjoy the updates and read them,

I.L. Knight

Hold Back The River – James Bay



Bleach :

Hi Hi Y’all,

Have you noticed every day this week one Fan Fiction has been updated? I like the idea of a hunt and chase soooo I’ll let you search for the new chapters.

However, since its been awhile here’s the reveal of one update!

Collected Records of Gozen Tomoe : 1

It’s a Bleach update, Y’all~~~

I.L. Knight


Bleach Live Action

Site Technicalities & Updates :

Hi Hi Y’all~

I have been working on some site fixes! [ really as you see them update you’ll be like oh you finally got around to these. ]


1/2 Prince / A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls and Heartwarming Bliss / Against The Gods / Akame Ga Kill and American Horror Story 

have all been updated AND had previous page / toc / next page formats added to them.


I.L. Knight & Co-writer JJHW


Akame Ga Kill OP

Star Trek :

Hi Hi Y’all,

So, you know lots of Fan Fiction updates. Last week @outremusings and I delivered a mass of one of the most popular Fan Fiction on the site Star Trek. Of course, we have more~~~~


I.L. Knight


Star Trek Great Moments

June Writing Mini-Camp: Day 29

Hi Hi Y’all!


Day 29:

(If you don’t have work or other important things) I challenge you to have a truly productive day! Get up, stretch/workout, make a healthy breakfast, put on comfortable clothes, do what you need to do to have a light, healthy and calming day! Your body will be the perfect temple today for a massive marathon of writing finishes and any random editing you wanted to start on!

I.L. Knight


One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston

June Writing Mini-Camp: Day 28

Hi Hi Y’all!

*Deep Breaths*

Day 28:

Your challenge is…… (*insert awkward drum roll*) GO OUTSIDE… well, go out and write anywhere new. Try to switch it up and see if you can get any last minute bursts of inspiration or productivity. You could always motivate yourself to go out and try this with a picture! Post a snazzy photo somewhere of you looking sharp in your new writing spot~

I.L. Knight


Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield