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Welcome to this tiny writer’s site. On it you will find a collection of writings from all forms of the medium: from short stories to publications and from scripts to fan fiction work. You will also find my blog. Which, hopefully, is entertaining or maybe even informative.

If you are looking for a quick guide to the website you can find all the different categories on the left hand menu drop down. It has all the writings separated by their categories and links to handy pages like the contact page and fan portal page. Feel free to hop on to those last two pages and leave any messages or requests you may have. You can also see the social media links in the footer below and do any and all of that through them. The most important thing is if you are I expect there to be no racist, sexist or aggressive language. If you do I will automatically get rid of it. You can also find links to my Ko-FI page on the bottom of various pages. Feel free to simply browse through for any unique content. There is also a Twitch section in the works so keep an eye out for that.

Fan Fiction Student Characters By Juliet. You Can See Their Story Here

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Chronicles: A Tale Of Shadow & Light

In the lands of Etrium the destinies of the children of lore have started to awaken. Tragedies and pain burn away past mistakes and the dawn of a new age of saviors has finally appeared. Join the adventures of the young heroes who are set to usher the world out of the Dark Ages into the Age of War. It all begins now. History changes the moment a young girl is forced to fight for her life away from her home and discover what it means to live in a world of magic and adventure.

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Ko-Fi updates on Tuesdays. You will see content related to the Fan Fiction Projects and potential even spoilers.

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