1 : The Story Begins…

The door to the ship’s cell rooms opened. In walked a man almost completely covered in shadows. The only light around seeming to come from his heterochromatic eyes.

“I see you managed to deliver the insurgent.”

The woman who had been waiting for him seemed to be the complete opposite. Despite wearing mostly grey and black attire everything about her seemed to be glowing. Her blue skin and red eyes like beacons in the darkness of the room.

“Did you think I would lie to you?”

The man didn’t seem to feel as if there needed to be an answer to that question. Instead, he simply looked at the lump in his ship’s cell. It was unremarkable to him. The woman catching his attention again with a correction.

“When my reputation was concerned.”

He only seemed to stare at her blankly. It took a few moments for him to finally move his lips and respond.

“I don’t really think about it.”

The lump in the cell moved. For the first time, as the man underneath it shook off his rag coverings, you could get a glimpse of who was taken. A man of somewhat pleasant looking stature and an irritated expression.


The featureless expression of the owner of the ship finally broke into a small smile as he turned towards the woman.

“He seems quite peeved with  I with you. Did you sleep with this one as well?”

The woman didn’t seemed irritated by the question. In fact, she seemed to take it more light then what the atmosphere would of demanded.

“A girl deserves to have some fun while she’s working.”

The man in the cell started to shout as he heard her reply.

“You’re working for them!”

The two were forced to break their conversation to look at the loud prisoner. The man of the pair returning to an expressionless mask.

“He’s not a very bright one.”

A chuckle came from the woman besides him.

“They aren’t all you know.”

The prisoner seemed to puff up his chest in an attempt to seem bigger and more important.

“Stop ignoring me! I’m talking to you Lara’saili!

The woman smiled at him coyly. It was in that moment the man should of realized that this moment was just a game to her.


The man’s features seemed to become completely warped by confusion. It marred his somewhat appealing features.

“And what is the daughter of a noble house of Chiss doing working for the First Order? They are the leaders of the neutral planets!”

The woman smiled as she walked closer to his cell. She enjoyed the way the mostly dead souls in the other cells seemed to remember they were still alive when she passed them.

“You didn’t come find me as a daughter of the Paruamado House. You asked to work with me as Lara, the black market seller.”

The poor man seemed even more confused. The very frustration of it all morphing it into a rage.

“Because of who you really were!”

The man who had been watching the two’s exchange sighed loudly. Unlike, Lara’saili he was not the sort who enjoyed games.

“Ugh. Make this whining stop already.”

The man in the cell pointed to him. He seemed quite agitated to be interrupted.

“Why would you side with this pansy over there, Lara’saili!?

The ship’s owner narrowed his eyes. Everyone was lucky that he was the sort to remain silent. However, she was not the type too. Lara’saili ended up cracking up laughing as she walked back towards him.

“He called you a pansy.”

The man looked at her irritated.

“Shut up.”

“Answer my questions dammit!”

Once again the two cut their conversation short to look back at the man in the cell. The woman smiling like a cat whose found their newest toy.

“I don’t want to.”

The door to the cell rooms opened again. A staff officer of the First Order walking in.

“Lieutenant General, First Order High Command is waiting for you on the deck.”

The man in cell suddenly looked flabbergasted.

“That’s the Army’s Lieutenant General! That Pansy!”

The staff officer pulled his gun out at him, but was stopped by the Lieutenant General’s hand.

“We still need what’s inside of his head.”

The staff officer didn’t lower his weapon, but Lara’saili besides them reacted. She let out a loud strange cry of exasperation. 

“You need to warn me ahead of time if you want me working overtime.”

She was ignored. The prisoner starting to laugh awkwardly.

“This is a joke right? This she male isn’t the Lieutenant General.”

Annoyed, the staff officer went to fire, but the gun in his hands was suddenly crumbled into itself. As if, someone had used the force.

“I said we still have use for the insurgent.”

The man turned back towards his female acquaintance.

“Your overtime rate will be paid.”

Lara’saili could on sigh.
“High Command is less pushy than you.”

The Lieutenant General simply rolled his eyes at her as he walked out of the room. The staff officer giving her a look before following after him. Lara’saili turned to the insurgent she had brought in, blowing him a kiss.

“It was nice while it lasted.”

When the door shut behind her the room returned to its normal silence. The man hitting the laser wall that held them in there repeatedly.

“Get back here!”

Annoyed at the sound, the hooded figure that had been waiting in the back of the cell finally leaned forward into the light.

“Can’t you be quiet. I’m trying to sleep.”

“Who cares about your damn sleep. The Chiss Ascendancy is working with the first order.”

The hodded figure didn’t seem to react to that news.

“Kid, that isn’t new news. So shut your trap.”

Enraged by the complete dismissal he had been receiving since he woke up the man walked over to try and grab the cloaked figure. To his surprise, his hands went through air as the man just seemed to appear in the same position on the opposite corner.

“What just-”

“I said shut your trap. If you are going to share this cell with me then you are going to have to learn how to be quiet. Or else I’ll get that girl to come back in here.”

At the mention of the Lara’saili’s name he forgot himself for a moment.

“Girl…Good. Get Lara’saili back in here.”

A rough grumbly sigh could be heard from beneath the cloak. It sounded as if the figure may have trouble breathing.

“Kids these days…you don’t want her back in here.”

The new prisoner only scoffed.

“Yes I do. I wan’t answers.”

“The only one who’d get answers is that one.”

The cloaked figure trying to re-position himself and get more comfortable.

“Says you, you half dead fossil.”

The cloaked figure’s aura started to change. It suddenly felt as if the shadows not only covered him, but were now a part of him. They were just waiting to be called upon.

“Don’t you understand what overtime means? It means the one whose going to be digging in your head for information is her. Not the Lieutenant General.”

The new prisoner was young, confident. The idea of resisting a beautiful woman didn’t seem to be that much of a challenge.

“So. I can resist a woman’s temptations.”

The cloaked figure moved faster then the guy could even notice. Gnarled and scarred hands grabbed the young man’s shirt.

“No you can’t! Once you let her in there isn’t a way to shut her out. And by how you’re reacting I bet you’ve let her in more than a few times.”

The young man tried to push the older prisoner off of him, but he didn’t budge. It was like trying to push air.

“Get off of my you farkled Yuzzum fornicator.”

The cloaked figure only starts to laugh.

“That’s the best you got kid? You think that will help you against her? One of your memories together will be enough to rip you open.”

He let go of the new prisoner and the hand seemed to melt back into the cloak. The new prisoner thinking back to their shared memories, the sexy nights. How Lara’saili would tease him under the moons of Tatooine. Angered by the memory he found himself kicking the wall of the cell. The prisoner beneath the cloak speaking up again.

“Man. Woman. It doesn’t matter. That’s what she does. Get in your head. It’s better to accept that now before you see her again.”

“That hideous daughter of a Snivvian.”

“Can’t you just shut up?”

The young man looked at the cloaked figure. He was enraged! All of this…this whole thing. It was a trap. And it probably had been working well for years beneath everyone’s noses!

“How are you so calm!”

The cloaked figure answered dryly.

“Because I’ve been here a long time.”

The young man feeling his rage settle into something else. Something close to fear.

“How long?

There was silence for a moment….

“Since the beginning of the war.”

“That long!!”

A grumble came from beneath the cloak.

“Now you know why I deserve some peace and quiet.”

The young man rushed over to him and sat down.

“Old timer, tell me what you know about her. Everything!”

“It won’t help you.”

The prisoner felt himself growing desperate. These were answers he could get!

“Please. I have to try. The First Order can’t get to my friends.”

“I said it won’t do you any good. My minds not changing.”

The man sat away for a moment, cursing under his breath.

“You…dried up Crolute… if you don’t tell me I will be as loud as I can for as long as I can.”

More groans from beneath the cloak resounded.

“Kids. I never wanted them.”

The young prisoner stands up and starts shouting. He kicks the walls and claps his hands trying to make as much sound as he can.

“Fine. Fine. Sit your ass down.”

With a small smile, he sat down.

“If you want to know about that girl you are going to want to know where she came from.”

“Have you gone senile? I know where she came from. She’s the only child of the Head of the Paruamado House.”

A large greenish looking spit came out from beneath the cloak, causing the man to back away slightly.

“That rubbish is what got you here in the first place. That girl isn’t from all of that.”

Wait, what? She looks and sounds just liker her!

“You’re telling me she isn’t Lara’saili Paruamado?”

That same gnarled hand shot out of the cloak to hit him on the head.

“Of course, she is, but what you precious republicans don’t know is how she became that.”

The man looked at him completely shocked.

“Are you saying she is not Mar’saini Paruamado’s daughter?”

The hand shot out of the cloak again. He tried to dodge, but it was to no avail. The poor man’s head was beginning to sting.

“Kid, if you keep interrupting I will never tell you anything.”

The young man nods his head, so the older prisoner goes on.

“As I was saying. If you really need to know about that miss so you’ll shut up you need to know where she comes from.. and that is the garbage hole known as Tatooine.


mari daughter

The Phantom Menace Lands On Tatooine


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