100: Subpar

Marcus watched her with a goofy smile on her face. It was childlike indeed to make such large movements and accidental sexual references to a seemingly neutral object. His Rao was a very adorable creature. Marcus watching her move back and forth through her hyper introduction of alien food. When she finally settled down he only shrugged. “It’s hard to remember.” He leaned forward and opened his mouth. “Aren’t you going to insure I try these addicting bursts.” Marcus completely oblivant to the growth of attention the pair was getting.

Etes’ atmosphere did not change during her assessment of him. If anything at the end of it he only sighed. “I would not say a display of information slightly above skilled observational abilities sufficiently answers a question I may of had.” His eyes seemed to dull for a moment, as if he had lost any interest in what was around him as well. “Describing the features of a typical male Romulan is an uninteresting as the scientific principle of 1.” A tired smile appearing on his face. “As for any personal preference of a laugh is…” Etes’ eyes having a sparkle return to them. “ A habitual folly of you lower life forms.” He shook his head in disappointment. “I had expected much more interesting things from a Betazoid who was best friends with the cadet who discovered the engineering flaw with the new Federation ships.”


Sunsan looked around the room annoyed. The second Wells had walked off his mother had latched at nasty little Semetha onto his arm. Her dance abilities were sub par and her conversational abilities below what ever non-humanoid has been her instructor. The woman spent an entirely abysmal amount of time focusing on wooing him with little gestures and remarks. Ones so obvious and frustrating it was like his mother was eyeing him being used a scratching post. The entire experience an awful moment that needed be cleansed away immediately. Sunsan turned to rush off towards one of the halls. He needed a break from this event.

Sarah had always found Leichnik enjoyable company. There was an open and honest acknowledgement of each other that they had in their non-admission. He wasn’t the worst looking or the worst dancer either. At the comment of her relationship with Marcus, however, her eyes narrowed for a brief moment. “Yes, it does not seem to be a casual one.” Her fingers slowly tapping his shoulder as they danced. “It seems she has been dragged her not based on any other reasons but solely on the fact of her date’s demands.” Her fingernails digging into his shoulder even through the clothes. The music slowly starting to fade away as she took a step away from him. A bright and beautiful smile on her face. “Shall we see if she has what it takes to survive being one of pets?”

Marcus had for once been enjoying his time at one of these events when someone caused his Rao to be taken away. These horrible Romulans and their horrible schemes. What where they trying to do now? Or was it it Leichnik! His eyes made there way to scan the room. No… It was most likely not as he was busy dancing with Sarah…Sarah wouldn’t do that. Irritation spreading over him as he found himself going over the room with his eyes as if he was a new form of scanner.

Wells had left Sunsan’s father on the balcony the moment the man noticed Etes on the other one with Zletka. It was easy to escape a Romulan when their attention was focused on insulting someone else. She did not expect, however, to move from one annoying situation into the next. What was Rao doing with a party guest looking frantic…. She went to move in when she felt a hand grab hers. “Wells.” Wells turned around to Sunsan. Dammit, he had found her. She went to pull her hand free but he grip harder. “Do you think I would let you escape twice?” Wells raised an eyebrow at him. Why would he ask such a stupid question? Sunsan pulling her closer to him. “I will not entertain anymore of those women.” Wells rolled her eyes. Why were men always such sensitive children? “Fine, but I need to go to the washroom first.” Sunsan narrowed his eyes at her. Wells pulling her hand free feeling exasperated. He watched her walk into the restroom and moved to wait by the wall. Sunsan was determined not to lose track of her this time.


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