101: Sodium Pentathol

Rao looked at the treat in her hand with half a mind to just pop it in her own mouth, but finally relented. “I mean, I could have just watched you, but I guess?” Even with him leaning forward she still had to press up on her tip toes in order to slide the delicacy in his mouth. Lowering herself back down she quickly plucked a purple one off the table next and held it ready for him. “Ready for the next one?” It took all she had not to laugh. The fact that someone so big and and ‘intimidating’ was really a gentle giant never ceased to amaze her.

Leichnik did not waiver until the nails of his lovely dance partner, instead listening keenly. It seemed his suspicions had proven fruitful. “Which would explain why she was so candid talking about engineering feats with the other guests…and why her date has been so adamant about keeping her in earshot.” His smile grew. The Terran wasn’t trained or vetted. How delightful. “After you, of course.” He was well aware Marcus would be wary with his presence alone, but with Sarah at his side…well, the Capellan’s propensity to be swayed by hormones may allow him to slip by. And now that Wells was arranging the setting for their closed festivities thus taking away a sense of security…tactics had to be altered with parallel stratagems going into effect. With a brief glance towards an unassuming corner of the room he noted a short nod from a pair of dark eyes. The Cadet had been successfully separated from her date. “The woman has been taken off to the bathroom if you wish to get better acquainted away from frivolous prying eyes.” He offered quietly before spotting Marcus standing alone. “Or you could start with her date. He seems to be in need of a release of tension.” Whether or not Sarah decided to go after Marcus or the Cadet or neither- there were still two other maneuvers in play. He idly wondered how long and how severe the effects of the liquid compound his colleagues favored so highly would produce on a Terran. From what he understood it was far more effective than Sodium Pentathol, but he’d yet to see it used in the flesh.

Zletka nodded softly; casually resting her chin on her hand to hide hints of a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. “I’m sorry I was unable to meet your expectations.” She placed the full glass on the table and began fastening her hair in a dutch fishtail braid. From her place outside she could hear the music shifting to something pleasantly familiar. “Thank you for tolerating my company and sharing your Romulan ale, but it’s time I leave you.” Rising from her seat she placed a hand on the curtain before pausing, “Oh. Your father is watching from the other balcony. You may want to speak with him.” Pleasure shone in her eyes as she gave one last parting smile before passing into the ballroom. The transition from a fog of dulled voices into a raging sea was seamless due to the gifted ale coursing through her system. It took one sweep of the room to note her friend was missing while her date was not. Passing through the party she set a beeline to Marcus, but paused when her band buzzed. Zletka quickly read over the coded message while also picking at Marcus’ thoughts; her gaze moving to the restroom just in time to watch Wells slip inside. Letting her fingers casually brush over her wrist she cleared the message and resumed her path to Marcus. “You’re frustration will make Rao anxious. Wells has gone to check on her.” She kept her voice soft, picking up what she hoped was a nonacoholic drink and taking a sip. It was impossible to tell. “Is this alcoholic?”

“Um, sure. Yeah. Okay.” Rao stumbled for words while slipping out of her dress, “It should be an easy fix, right? Just soak it and dry it?” She attempted to get a better look while the Romulan pretended to study the fabric.

“Take a seat. Terran eyes are too naturally debilitated.” The female spoke a bit harshly, but Rao didn’t seem to the mind and simply sat on the counter of the sink. The Romulan ran the temporarily stained fabric under the faucet, “It’s befitting a Star Fleet cadet would wear red. It makes you stand out just like the Federation.” Her eyes narrowed as she produced a clear vial and the liquid to the stain in question before running it under a hand dryer, “Stand up.”

Rao had simply let the older woman talk. It was becoming starkly apparent she was only being helped as a formality and didn’t want to pester her. At the woman’s command she wasted no time in standing up, doing her best to help slip into the dress as quickly as possible.

Standing behind the Cadet, the Romulan woman began fasting the dress. “Before you’re returned to the Academy; make your way to the higher balcony. A colleague of Geroln wants to discuss something without having to entertain any more vexing attendees. Try not to keep them waiting long; I know Terrans have an unfortunate tendency for belatedness if not properly incentivized.” Looking to the mirror she met Rao’s gaze evenly.

“Got it. I’ll make sure to head over before the night ends.” Rao offered a smile that was only faintly returned.

“Good.” The Romulan fastened her dress tighter until the Terran girl let out an ‘oof’, “Is the fabric flat against your skin?”

“Yes.” Rao managed to say between short breaths.

The woman smiled. “Perfect.”


BBC: “Truth Serum”

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