102: Are you not a Romulan?

Sarah looked over at Leichnik for a moment. If one was to compare their ease in employing means he would have a much closer line (if any). However, it was the very reason, besides his looks and confidence, she enjoyed his company. There was no need to hesitate in the moment. This cadet was trying to swim with water over her head- completely unprepared for the world she had just entered. Sarah gave him a kiss on the cheek as a farewell. “I think I shall.” her body swaying slightly to highlight her curves as she made her way over to him. “Marcus.” The capellan turned his attention away from his Romulan guest. “Sarah?” She gave a slight look at the Romulan- who in an annoyed gruff elected to bow out of the conversation and leave them to mingle in the corner. It was not surprising to anyone that a female was trying to occupy his attention. “I believe we need to speak in private.” Marcus looked at her skeptically. “In private?” She smiled and nodded her head. Her hand gently slipping into his and ‘trying’ to gracefully pull him around a corner into a hall. It was something no one would pay attention to as they were so used to the image of Marcus + Woman + Private Hall that not a notice occurred- except from a few key atrocities.

Wells walked into the bathroom. She had purposely stayed on the other side of the door the moment she started to hear a conversation between Rao and a Romulan voice. Dealing with Sunsan had given her enough practice at standing silently waiting. Irritation at the calculations running through her head at the information she over heard. Wells opening the door to briskly walk in.

“And I had some hope for the minor Romulan population to employ such obvious schemes.” She brushed past the Romulan female and slapped Rao’s cheek. “And I had some hope that you would at least have some sort of functioning brain outside of engineering principles.” Wells turned back to the Romulan. “An underling like you, with little importance to anyone, delivers a personal message of a non-Romulan guest to meet in private? When such matters do not fit with rules of engagement of this event. How much you must look down on your own Ambassador and his people to try to pull such a stunt. Being so stupid as to be caught manipulating a naive girl.” Wells moved in closer to her and leaned forward so she was whispering in her ear. “Do not forget that as long your on Terran your worth means nothing compared to even an ant on the ground.” She turned to the door and in a strong commanding voice said, “Sunsan.” The door opened and a grumpy looking Sunsan appeared. His eyes were glued on Rao. “To think my dog continues to have his females be such helpless individuals.” Sunsan turning to the Romulan. “And you. How dare you move against the direct interests of the Romulan Empire.” He walked over to her and grabbed her neck. The Romulan hitting the mirror hard. Glass shattered around her. “To go as far as slipping something on an important guest’s dress.” Wells turned to look at Rao. It was not surprising for a Romulan to do that, however, she had not expected it to occur. To think she had made such an oversight. An oversight Sunsan was able to notice! This was just…. Wells crossed her arms in frustration. “Overstepping the rules of engagement, setting up a guest of the Ambassador family to be a victim of a crime, associating with non-Romulan parties…” Wells watching her every microlanguage to see how much information she could put together. Her eyes scanning the woman up and down. There was nothing on her body of course. She put her hand on Sunsan’s shoulder. “Enough, you will traumatize Cadet Rao. The rest can be handled in more personal quarters.” Sunsan nodded his head and withdrew his hand. Wells turning to Rao and picking her up right off her feet. “The cadet is not feeling well. I shall escort her through a side exit home.” He nodded his head clearly annoyed. Wells carrying Rao out the venue through a series of hall to a side exit. “Keep calm and don’t move till we get to our location. I will explain everything to you there.”

Sunsan slapped the female’s cheek. “Idiot.” He walked over to the bathroom door and locked it. “To think you would get caught in such a simple act.” Sunsan turning back around from the door to face her. “Are you not a Romulan? Can you not properly enact whatever scheme you wished to play?” Sunsan typing an order for the higher up guards to arrive here in the bathroom in a few minutes. He wished to punish this idiotic subordinate first. “You have started an issue with the Capellan representative. Their planet has a vast amount of resources they are willing to give away.” Sunsan grabbing her shoulder tightly. “You have annoyed the Federation watchguard on us and one of the largest information dealers on the planet.” He slapped her cheek again. “You have not only insulted my family and I but the entire Romulan Empire with your incompetency.” Sunsan leaned down to look at her with a look of murder many have not seen before. “You better confess quickly or I will recommend a punishment that you most definitely will not want to receive.


Marcus was about to walk away with Sarah when Zletka approached him. A flood of relief washing over him. A softer smile appearing on his face. “It certainly is.” A sort of chuckle slipping out. “But it seems you’ve already been enjoying some already.” It wasn’t hard to tell when someone’s been having Romulan Ale. Something about it made itself known around a person. The touch of Sarah had him turning around to face her. “It seems you may have to check in on your date.” He looked at her with no concern on his face. “Wells went. If there is an issue I will be notified.” Sarah swallowing down her reaction to continue what she was trying to say before. “Then shall we go. There is a conversation we must get to.” Marcus withdrew his arm. “It really doesn’t seem so important, Sarah. I have promised to dance with Zletka and yet have had the chance. Later.” Marcus not giving her to chance without taking the drink from Zletka’s hand to place it on a table and pull her onto the dance floor. A large smile on his face. “I noticed you really haven’t had the chance to dance. Even you deserve the chance to have a little fun, don’t you?” He twirled her to the music.

Etes looked over at the next balcony. His father was there glaring at him. He may as well head over to him. His footsteps growing heavy as he made his way in the hall that lead towards him. Etes stopping place when he recieved a sudden message. Annoyed that was coming from his brother he almost didn’t open it. However, for Sunsan to not be absorbed with that beast it has a chance to be important. After opening the message and reading a Romulan had openly stepped out of place a sense of anger swelled up in him. His feet immediately turning to rush towards the location mentioned. “Is no one in this building capable of anything anymore.”


Romulans Request Permission To Join The Fleet

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