103: Gnawing

Rao’s expression morphed from calm to confusion to shock in the mere seconds it took for Wells to both berate the Romulan female and swiftly slap her across the face. Stunned, Rao blinked- the sensation of Well’s hand dulled at the fleeting memory of another’s. Blinking again, her brows knit it in indignation. Between Wells, Sunsan’s, and the woman’s expressions; remarks; AND the slap,,,a gnawing heat began to rise through her veins. The shattering of glass didn’t earn so much as a wince from the cadet. She looked on as if in a haze. Nothing was making sense fast enough. Until Sunsan mentioned her dressed. Her fingers ran over the fabric, reflexively going to the source of the heat. Then it clicked.

While Mnheia had found it entertaining to watch the Terran rat get struck; her enjoyment was dulled by the pressing headache of Wells’ unwelcome presence. Her eyes were like daggers on Sunsan’s leech. “I was merely helping the unfortunate Terran on little her way. We were asked to be hospitable and it’s well known how easily they can become undone when not properly prepared.” She sneered. Wells comment on the Ambassadors people earned a glare. The way this cretin spoke- it was time this cancers use ran out so could be properly extinguished like the vermin of her squalid planet. Flexing her fingers she was seconds from making an adjustment when Sunsan’s name was called and for some reason he decided to enter at that bitches call. Her demeanor shifted to something notably calmer, internally smirking at Sunsan’s appropriate treatment of a Terran. However, it was short lived. “I-” Gritting her teeth as she collided with the mirror. Staying silent under his gaze she felt rage rising at how Wells was permitted to weigh in with no retort from Sunsan, yet merely gave a dismissive smile. Once Sunsan removed his hand she straightened up. “There’s nothing to fear.” She spoke while looking at Terrans. Wells’ exit eased her irritation while also increasing her tension. Taking the first blow she set her jaw; not willing to lash out as she may have liked for fear of his ranking. Technically no one aside from himself had caught her in the full act. Wells poor intuition had only led her the verbal aspect. it was Sunsan who had noticed something was put on the vermin’s dress. Gripping the sink she steadied herself from the second blow. The Capellan could easily replace his little whore for the evening. It’s not as if Terran’s were adequately equipped for excessive bouts of alcohol which is all it would appear to be. Her breathing was beginning to quicken as she stared up at him. Once again her fingers flexed, but she kept them firmly clamped on the sink. “Nniol instructed me to aid in incapacitating the Terran for the night. Her impotence was threatening to spill everywhere with information that could cause problems between allies and she wasn’t been properly leashed.” Every mention of the Terran was joined by a disgusted expression. “With the Terran gone he expected the Betazoid to also leave and both controversial guests would no longer be under forced Romulan hospitality or responsibility.”

From Leichnik’s strategic placement in the ballroom he caught a glimpse of his woman in red being carried out of the bathroom and father down the hallway by the unmistakable Wells. A failure. Turning to observe the room he watched Sarah lose Marcus to a dance with the Betazoid. Another failure. Hearing grumblings of Volcanic spew he casually made his way towards the familiar Tellarite. On the way he accepted a floating glass in his right hand and took a sip. Nniol noted which hand Leichnik used, taking a moment to excuse himself from his conversation before snaking through the crowd.

Rao obliged to remain silent, but she couldn’t remain calm. In her mind she screamed: [ZLETKA]. The spreading of warmth through her body was simultaneous being joined by a chill and the paranoia of what had been done was becoming inescapable. She couldn’t trust any of these beings. Not the Romulans. Not Sunsan. Not Wells. Not Marcus. “I need Zletka. Where’s Zletka.?” They were leaving the party. Leaving the only person she could trust to take her where? She said home, but even was home? The very moment Wells stepped outside she began moving. “Put me down. I need to get down.” Her words were bridled with barely retrained anxiety on the edge of yelling. “NOW.” Twisting her body around she didn’t let up until she felt herself firmly on the ground. It felt as if her chest was trying to constrict and relax at the same time. Feeling sand underneath her fingers she looked down- the normally black and gray gravel suddenly rust in color. “No, no, no.” Forcing a long exhale she closed eyes before opening them again. Her mind felt like it was racing, but one thought kept coming to mind and it was her need to get the hell away from here. “What did they give me?” She asked while standing upright to lean against the wall. “I’m not going to any ‘location’ until I either know what’s happening or you find Zletka.” A series of chills ran down her spine and she attempted to regulate her breathing. A familiar clanging sounded, but from the look on Wells’ face she either didn’t hear it or was ignoring it.

“Hm.” Zletka studied the drink for a moment before taking a longer sip. It tasted almost…she listened to the room in search of the right adjective…like iron with a hint of something called parsley. Taking another sip of her drink she focused on Marcus and the woman at the mention of Rao. Realization soon dawned regarding the nature of their relationship and why Sarah wanted to his attention in private. Curious to see how Marcus would handle it she almost snorted when he suddenly made her his excuse. Initially she didn’t think he would be able to commit, but the next thing she knew they were on the dance floor. “And I noticed you needed an excuse to avoid an old flame.” She replied with an amused smile of her own. bending under his will to twirl she nodded to his question. “I’ll make sure to mark my pad that I’ve had my monthly quota.” She tried not to laugh too loudly at the ridiculousness of this entire night. Resting her hand on his shoulder she genuinely began to enjoy herself until a several foreign trains of thought passed. [It’s been compromised] [The serum will still take effect] [Both females failed] [She’s being removed] [Disperse] [Wells] [Idiots] [Cadet in red] [Second wave] [Geroln]…The passing thoughts of strangers began sobering her joy until she heard the faint, but deliberate thoughts of Rao yelling her mind: [ZLETKA]. Zletka inhaled audibly. “I apologize. I have to go to the restroom.” She looked in the direction of the bathroom. “Go to Geroln.” [Sarah is the opposite direction] Taking a step back she didn’t even realize she hadn’t said the last bit out loud until she was already halfway to the restrooms. Placing her fingers on the base of her throat she realized how much the Romulan ale was affecting her. To have that much had been stupid. The sight of guards nearing the restroom caused her to slow her steps and pretending to busy herself with snacks nearby.


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