104: Lifemate

Sunsan felt himself grow even more furious. He smashed her back into the mirror. “On what planet does the request of a Romulan outrank the agenda set by the Romulan Empire.” He pulled her back to only smash her against the mirror a third time. “Since when does Nniol outrank any of the Ambassador and his elite staff.” Sunsan threw her across the restroom and into the other wall. “You are chosen not for your brains.” He marched over to her and kicked her sideways. “That bitch you just drugged was the representatives current life mate. A matter of fact that shouldn’t of mattered if you stayed in line.” Sunsan kicked her again. “That federation watch dog is in control of almost all the information markets.” He smacked her across the face. “AND YOU JUST ALERTED HER TO UNWANTED ROMULAN PRESENCE AGAINST A FEDERATION CADET AND ALLY.” He stared down at her in full rage. “Worst off your actions with whomeever you have colluded with have notified a large public audience.” Sunsan walked away from her and opened the door. He was not surprised to see Etes had arrived. The fellow Romulan looking at her enraged as well. “Explain.” Sunsan hated Etes but found himself currently hating this female more. A sneer appearing on his face. “This idiot got caught lacing the dress of the Capellan Representatives date with toxins and for setting her up to be involved in a trap…during our embassy event. IN FRONT OF THE FEDERATION’S WATCHDOG.” Etes would normally comment on Well’s presence in the matter but he too found himself enraged by the stupidity. Etes walked over to her and lifted her up by her neck. “And the reason she is still alive.” Sunsan snorted. “Because for some reason Nniol had the idea to order this bitch to incapacitate this Terran due to information spillage.” Etes narrowed his eyes. “Nniol…” Sunsan opened the door again. Two Romulan guards and his father entered the restroom. The door was locked once again. The guards were more shocked than their father at the sight. Instead, he seemed annoyed by the mess. Sunsan bowing to his father. “An outside presence has interfered with our event.” His father ignored him. “I have read the report, Etes.” Sunsan stood up and glared at Etes. THIS WAS HIS SUCCESS. Etes dragged the girl over to the guards. “I will head over to escort the Betazoid throughout the night.” Sandium raised his brow. His son was choosing the Betazoid over the cleanup. Was she raising a suspicion within him? Sunsan spoke next. “I will clean up the event and handle who ordered Nniol, father.” Sandium did not turn to look at his son. “I will go and rejoin the event then.” The ambassador walking out of the room. Etes following after him with a smirk on his face. Sunsan’s fist clenching so tight his hands paled. “If this bitch is not bleeding and tortured in my room the time I get back not only will multiple heads role but so will their families heads.” The guards nodded their heads nervously and dragged her out through a direction no one could see. More guards being notified to lock her down in Sunsan’s personal quarters. He took a deep breath, fixed his attire and walked out of the bathroom. A message would come from Wells soon and someone had to chain Marcus up now.

Wells looked at Rao deadpanned. Her only thoughts were avoiding Marcus’ temper tantrum and cleaning up this mess. She walked over to Rao and quickly without a sound hit a nerve area. Vulcan’s were not the only species who had methods to knock someone unconscious. Wells caught Rao and once again lifted her into a princess carry. It was a necessary evil of dealing with another’s formal attire. She quickly walked towards the club.

Marcus blinked in shock. The only thing that could make Zletka behave like that is Rao. For a brief moment he looked around the room. 80% unknowing, 15% aware of something and curious… the rest a mixed bag of things he didn’t have time for. He hated politics. Marcus swiftly catching up to her and picking her up with a large laugh. “Ahahahaha, this why they always say not to bring cadets to these things.” He rubbed her head like she was a child. “Did you ‘accidentally’ have some Romulan Ale.” Marcus sighing quiet loudly as he walked towards one of the corners of the room. He sat her down in the chair. His thoughts racing. [This is a public place. Whatever is going on it will be worse for Rao if you act like this now.] He knelt down in front of her as if he was checking her temperature and state. [You need to be calm. You have to stop me from exploding at this shit people filled event.] He looked up to see Etes standing their. It took everything he had to bite back his extreme hatred for the Romulan. “Etes?” Etes smiled so pleasantly one would think he was not a Romulan but an angel. However, his thoughts directed towards Zletka were anything but Angelic. [The situation is being handled but you must come with me now.] Etes stuck his hand out towards Zletka. “My apologies, Representative Marcus. She had been drinking with me and in my eager state she may of had some of my drinks.” Marcus ground his teeth. If this covered for even a small percentage of guests he could not go with anything else. He may have to leave this to Zletka until he knows what happened to his Rao. He stood up and stretched. A light smile appearing on his face. “Ah, I see that could happen. You were always such a tease.” The two stared each other down. Marcus warning Zletka. [If Etes is involved we have a problem. You need to get everything you can from him.] Marcus turning at the sound of his name. Sunsan was walking over. “Marcus you have been abandoning me all night. You are the one interested in ladies at the moment remember?” Marcus’ eyes narrowed for a moment. Sunsan was aware of something. He knew what happened to his Rao! “Me? Interested in ladies? They are all beautiful and wonderful of course but I have my Rao.” Sunsan sighed. “Your Rao accidentally got one sip of Romulan Ale from a server and is passed out in a back room. Wells is watching over her now.” THE TWO OF THEM WERE FORCING HIM TO BE HERE. THESE COMPLETE HOLES OF ASSES. RAO WAS HIS LIFEMATE. “Is she now…” Sunsan nodded his head. “Yes, I’ve lost my date yet again because of you.” Everyone’s eyes turning as the music picked up. Ambassador Sandium was standing by his wife with his glass raised. It was now the highlight of the event. Music and food in full fervor would begin and any unsorted conversations must soon reach their epilogues of the night. Guests clapped and entered the dance area for the last few dances of the night. Sunsan grabbed Marcus’ hand. “Come, there is a Romulan female named Semetha you must dance with.” Marcus locked eyes with Zletka as he was being dragged away. [GET WHAT YOU CAN FROM THAT HOLE OF AN ASS!] Etes too annoyed to watch any of that amused. He lead Zletka towards his private room, in case anyone was watching them. It would be an obvious thing for him to remove the Betazoid from any possible problem. He would explain what he wanted to her in his thoughts. It was also another way to gauge her. Etes let all the information of what transpired freely out in his mind as they entered his corridors. He almost threw her inside before he slammed the door. “Your Beast has removed Cadet Rao from the situation. Stay here until the message comes in that you can leave.” Etes glaring at her that it was not a request or an option, but a command.“ He stood up and poured her another drink. Handing it over he could only sigh. ”For your nerves.“ Etes pushing her into one chair and sitting besides her. ”Having a friend such as her must be draining on the mind. Does she get drugged so often?“

Wells arrived in front of a nightclub. When the Orion bouncer saw her he quickly let her through. She entered the club, carrying the still unconscious Rao, and waved down one of her ‘friends’. He lead them into a soundproof VIP room. Wells laying her down on the couch area. “Get me an entire set, as well as an ice pack.” He nodded and excused himself. She pulled out a tiny version of a data pad she kept in her purse in case of an emergency and messaged Tarique.

‘Plans changed. Rao in trouble. Bring change of clothes for her and Zletka and get here within an hour.’

She put it down and sighed loudly. A part of her wondered if the night would of gone better if she just allowed Susie Que to come. The problems she created might have been easier. Wells picked up her data pad once more and sent another message to him.

‘Any information you have on the Romulan Mnheia, her associates or Leichnik and his associates inform me immediately. Explanations given upon your arrival.’

Wells about to put the pad down once again when she felt inspired.

‘P.s. Come dressed nice.’


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