Well I guess this is progress…

For six years of my life I’ve lived with the thought that I have ADHD. It is something I am very comfortable with. Others thought it was my excuse to not study or do chores …or even censor my words. However, to me it was just one of the tittles people gave me that I was surprisingly ok with. Having a hyper mind never seemed to be too bad.

In my struggle to get ADHD meds (what I get for not getting it for 15$ off the street like a normal over achieving college student) I find every tittle I’ve been given questioned. This one in particular. Now they say I don’t have ADHD. Now they say I have anxiety.

I don’t consider myself someone who has anxiety. It’s a very new concept for me. But if I want to try and find the meds that would help me, I need to appease the school officials… I don’t want to have to get the meds I should be on from on the street but from a doctor….

So I guess I’m trying anxiety meds for now ….

I.L. Knight

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It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

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