Medication …

The thing with being diagnosed with a new mental illness is that people automatically want you on drugs. I’ve held out for a really long time on taking drugs for even the things I’ve known about myself. Even if I need to be on Anxiety drugs and even if it will turn out to be good for me, As of now, all it does is make my head hurt. It’s hard to want to go out and socialize with people or study when you just want to bash your head through a wall. Even worse is the nausea and persisting insomnia. To top it all off trying to be friends with an ex eats away at even the numbest of hearts….

I feel so lost and confused. Nothing inspires me anymore and everything is reduced to a chore. The vivacity I had for life is gone and I miss it so much.

I.L. Knight

angry chibi

I’m so Tired – The Beatles

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