Here’s the thing: NOT ALL WHITE GIRLS LIKE STARBUCKS. It’s a myth very similar to “all sorority girls rely on their daddy’s credit card to make friends”, both are simply not true. I can say this as I am both a Sorority girl and a white girl who hates Starbucks. Starbucks has very weak coffee and is overpriced. HOWEVER, I will give them the credit of having amazing baked goods, cute mugs and a great environment to spend hours reading about weird Japanese penis festivals and psychological vocabulary.

A+ environment Starbucks. I will give you this win.

p.s. I really love matcha lattes.

I.L. Knight

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One More Cup of Coffee – The White Stripes

One Cup of Coffee – Bob Marley

One More Cup of Coffee – Bob Dylan

A Cup of Coffee – Johnny Cash

The Coffee Song -Cream

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