A Few Writings…

I didn’t want to include what I had written in the earlier blog post so below is a rap I wrote while listening to some music (it will be below manga picture) and dealing with a friend who was being selfish at the wrong time for me to blow it over 🙂

A rap:
So many hours slip by
And I’m stuck in a room fading
Living off caffeine and the lull of an absent high.
Dealing with a family that sees depression as a reason to keep berating.
Yet, I don’t feel as alone
Just see a girl in the mirror reaching for her soul.
Maybe I’m not yet like Arthur pulling dreams from a stone,
But I survived growing up, past being just a tadpole.
I don’t know the struggle
of fighting for a dollar 
Don’t know what it’s like to be trapped in a tunnel
Surrounded by those who say you’ll never be as good as a scholar.
I can’t change my past to be more tragic
but that would be a curse, not magic.
All I can know is, that their is and will always be a struggle
that the world will keep on turning by making those in need juggle.
Yea. I’m gonna be a fool.
Mess up everything from weight, words to love
go through as many kaneki’s as a ghoul
inspectors endless list of doves.
I can’t hide the fact I’m a mess
like a man lit on fire in church
for trying to leave his swamp birch.
sometimes you can’t help being the cheapest piece in chess.
But no one can take away my hope
no power can rip me to shreds
except the power i give to myself to grab my rope
and destroy the safety I have in my own head.
Even in the darkest night
when devils and demons come out 
with all those who have already suffered in sight
I don’t need to rely on G-d, or others to fight my own bout.
I am stronger then they want me to be
because I have survived the endless night
survived a worth dependent on how well I use thee
and continue to see life as a breathtaking fight.
I.L. Knight

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