New Years

If there is any place on the Eastern Seaboard that could bring me back from my up and down mindset, it is indeed the Latin Quarter of Quebec City. Filled with old french styled buildings, tourist trap boutiques, amazing little cafes and bistros, there is nothing but pure serenity and joy in the streets. I can’t even put into words how magical the experience was. I suggest that if your parents want to go on vacation for New Years, tell them about Quebec City. You have amazing clubs for twenty year olds, restaurants, lounges and tourist spots for families and a beautiful winter scene that only an artist could do justice describing. 
Before I left to go, I was bogged down on if I can change, become what I needed to be, but when I got there I managed to not think about anything like that. It was able to clear the mind of a super hyper ADHD over thinker. That says something of the city. Furthermore, a pessimist like me is saying I had fun and just enjoyed. It has been age since I have been on a vacation with y family and enjoyed it. Not even fire and oil could ruin my time.

Thank you Quebec city. Thank you for the magic…

A content and wide eyed,
I.L. Knight


Black Magic- Little Mix

Hazy Shade of Winter – The Bangles


A New Day has Come- Celine Dion

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