The Break…

In case you actually do follow this blog you would have noticed that I haven’t updated much of anything in awhile. This is due to a few things. The major two reasons are that my Insomnia hit an all time high and that it caused me to go home to Florida to get some sleep. I needed to rest and try to find the inspiration I once had. I guess it worked, because now I have several projects in the work and  I feel re-motivated again. All it takes is a trip back to what you wanted to leave behind to remind you of everything you swore to become. I never swore to make a blog and use it as a depressing online diary. Time to show something new~

I.L. Knight


Shiftwork- Kenny Chesney

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    • hi! thanks for your comment. I am currently in the process of transferring a bunch of posts from old blogs over and trying to make something new and proper. Thank you for taking the time and commenting on it though! The break really did help me ~

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