What A Day…

Since I’ve been back I have sat down to work on a few projects. I can assure myself and you that they are getting worked on. However, I twisted the wrong way and pulled a muscle in my back. Needless to say progress on writings and other projects are going slow, BUT THEY ARE PROGRESSING STILL.

Here is a poem I wrote to just start warming up again.
In a dusk filled sky
Light filters into the window,
Like colors flowing through stained glass.
I am in awe of the grace 
In which the book sits serenely in place.
Warming up,
I.L. Knight
p.s. I found this old bookstore that sold used books today and I ended up going home with A BOX FULL OF BOOKS for like 50$. I mean it was crazy. They had books ranging from 2-10$ and I managed to find a rare old Japanese book that had english and Japanese commentary. The lithographs inside were beautiful. It was heaven for a nerd like me. HEAVEN. I recommend hunting down old book stores that sell used books. You never know what you can find.

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