Coming News

Dear Everyone,

I am sorry for my lack of posts. I have been really tied up with school and getting over some bad Insomnia. However, I have channeled my recent productivity into confirming the launch of a website! In early May I will be launching my very own site! I am thinking of having it function as a site to connect independent writers and bloggers with each other. Like a platform to exhibit their thoughts and opinions of “nerd culture”. If you are interested in knowing more details or getting involved don’t be hesitant to shoot me an email or a message. I really want to spend my time over summer break crafting an excellent website.

I will continue resuming more social media related posts on here after its creation. 🙂

Thank you,
I.L. Knight


Impossible Is Nothing- Iggy Azalea

Over the Rainbow & What a Wonderful World- Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Lose yourself- Eminem

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