Fan Fiction Announcement

To My Occasional Stopping By-ers,

Awhile back I was offered the chance to write a book on writing. I decided to delve into the idea and see what I could come up with. I quickly realized into it I wanted to write a book on how Fan Fiction develops a writer. Mostly when it comes to something like character development and characters’ within a plot. I still haven’t quite figured out how to that without including some of my own Fan Fiction in the novel as an example. Unfortunately all of the unclear rules of copyright laws on Fan Fiction kind of intimidates me. Until, I figure out what is allowed and what isn’t- and if so what parameters within the book I should even follow- I am going to put that on hold (not that any on you would of known now that I think about it). I’ve decided just to add my Fan Fiction as pages on my site. So they will be on their own pages. I have noticed with the new update theme that their is a HUGE problem on not showing all the pages. I am going to work on fixing that. However, some Fan Fiction is being added now, in case it’s just me who can’t figure out how to scroll down. I look forward to hearing comments from anyone.

A somewhat confused, but hopeful,
I.L. Knight


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