Post Updates + Story Floods

So as you can see, I have managed to write most of my set writing goals per day. However, I normally fell asleep before I got a pic or music attached it. I sort of figured that I’d just push through this EXTREMELY busy working season and some of my health stuff and upload as much as I can at once. There is still some stuff missing (mostly because I haven’t found the time to type up the ending arcs I wrote down “somewhere”), but it should be enough to tamper the tide for a little bit. A lot of the stuff I post is just unedited ideas that I either want to develop into better fan fiction or as starting points for my own original works. That being said when you start to go through these- or have already been one of the few people reading the first set- keep that in mind. The stories themselves will be edited as time goes on.

Thank you for understanding <3

Your very overworked,
I.L. Knight


Chanukah Song- Adam Sandler

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