A Moment of Vulnerability Here

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A Moment of Vulnerability Here:

I may be an outwardly cold and superbly cold and detached (when it comes to morality) human being, but even I lately look back on certain memories. One in particular. A memory of me cuddling with someone in bed. They were being lil lost boy on the computer staring at red blue and black lines (normally, I’d be taking the chance to catch up on some manga updates) and I was glancing out the window by the bed to look out at the rain. Maybe it’s a South Florida thing, or something about growing up in a coastal area, but the wind in the rain isn’t just soothing. It’s a part of you. And in a moment like that, as you stare out at the small window of a second floor bedroom, you can feel a brief moment of peace. Even when you don’t normally feel it. I want that again. It’s one of the only few times in my life I’ve had it.

I.L. Knight


Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head -BJ Thomas

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