Teen Wolf

Ever since I was a kid I remember loving one thing more then anything else: Fiction. Any and all kinds of it. To me, it was a teacher, a story and a friend. It all started with the old stories my mother used to tell me. Childish versions of myths and legends. The confusing Old English romances put in to break it all up.

I remember it started with the seductive vampire. Then there were the werewolves who warned about the dangers of the full moon. The witches that with people’s fate or the animals of nature that represented it.

At that time, my grandfather found it funny to see how my eyes sparkled at the “silly-notions” of our ancestors. My grandma told me at that time that people had these stories, because they didn’t have anything else. I’m sure she meant that as entertainment, but I took it as the ancient version of a warning sign.

Do you know why Odin only has one eye? It’s because he had to give one up to get a drink from Mimir’s Well. You see, Mimir told Odin that to drink from the Well of Urd, which contained the knowledge of all things, he had to give the appropriate sacrifice or offering. How horrible was it for Odin to have to give up an eye after already injuring himself and starving himself for days before in order to discover the nordic runes just before. No matter how bad it must of been Odin still carved out his eye.

People tend to think the story was about a belief that their was no sacrifice not worth it for wisdom. I think that is a nifty idea and a truly academic way at looking at it. However, as a young child with no parent explaining what the story meant that’s not what I got. All I wanted to know was why did Odin suffer and why was their a permanent mark left on him? The answer I came up with as a kid was that it takes time and effort to grow wiser. You are giving up a part of yourself the more you learn, and that leaves it’s mark on you. Wether it is a physical deformity or an emotional one you are marked. You know about a responsibility or an outlook someone else does not now.

I thought Odin only had one eye, because he now saw the world differently. If that was the case then I got the message that I would soon see the world differently as well. Even if I hadn’t drank from the Well of Urd or lost my own eye.

But my grandma was also right. Not everything was just about some perceived lesson. Myths and legends were entertainment. The type that plays on something in us we forget we have sometimes. Not fear of something greater then us, but a primal and innocent whimsy that never goes away.

Sometimes, entertainment can feel too whimsical when it tries to touch on this feeling inside us. It can be too cartoony or an un-inspiring work of fiction. I always thought Teen Wolf was an example of something like that. Because, I mean, come on…. That tittle? It’s like MTV is warning the public to please stay thirteen forever so we can secure high ratings. MTV needs us to Ship our pairings on the internet so they can make tons of money.

But, even I can admit I was wrong. Sorry MTV.

This post is for the person out there who spent every year Teen Wolf was on trying to convince me to give the show a chance. She broke me down at the air date of the seventeenth episode of the FINAL season. I’m sorry for laughing. They balance the whimsy pretty well.

Even if every time a Japanese monster appears and I normally want to throw something at my TV, I can admit Teen Wolf doesn’t incite the same internal reaction. They balance the whimsy pretty well. I knew the actors were great from other things they’ve done, but seeing them on the show was also a factor in admitting it was a good series. They are all really great.

So I’ve been eating crow the last few days to binge watch the entire 6 seasons, and tuned in to the final episode in time. I must say this about season 6. It was a little rushed (with Malia and Scott’s relationship, how much was crammed in to a final episode and how BADLY I wanted to see more of what that time jump meant), but all in all it was pretty fantastic. They picked up old threads, returned characters, promised a future release of information through other forms of media and most of all they delivered a well written piece of fiction.

I am really sad to see this series go, even if I was atrociously late to the party. Scott McHall is a pretty great Alpha to have. And your safety is confirmed with the fact he has people willing to kill in place of him in his pack. Your safety is assured, just as much as your entertainment. I hope when MTV decides to reboot Teen Wolf with a new group that they deliver the same thing I just watched.

Sad while eating my pie,

I.L. Knight


Not Gonna Break Me – Jamie N Commons

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