Star Trek : Discovery

So many 90’s kids grew up with Star Trek. Depending when in the 90’s you were born or who your parents were depended on where you started. Some started with Captain Kirk and the Klingons or Captain Picard and the Borg. For me, I started with the completely unsuitable to be Captain Captain Kirk.

However, unlike the Captain I started with the Captain of the USS Shenzhou, Captain Philippa Georgiou, actually seems like she was a great Captain. In two episodes she showed she was the Sun Tzu quoting female Picard type. Watching her leave the show is a tragedy.

An even bigger tragedy I think, is that they charged Michael Turnham with the full degree of her crimes. I get it as a plot device, but as an isolated event within the story I don’t buy it. Kirk got away with how many awful decisions? Miss Michael had a compliantly spotless and commendable service record. As well as, the bias influence of a Vulcan upbringing. When Spock messed up due to influences of emotion he mostly got a witty remark and then a sigh.

The First Officer did not actually harm her Superior officer and her order didn’t actually go through. Besides, her order might have been better in the first place! As it was proven that her acknowledgement of Vulcan analysis of culture one upped the Federation’s “We Come in Peace” agenda.

I think the event was wrong to conclude like that, but so far the two episodes out have been everything we could want in a Star Trek reboot. I can’t wait to give the show a chance and experience more Vulcan-isms in my weekly entertainment.

Live Long & Prosper,

I.L. Knight


Star Trek : Discovery – Main Title Sequence

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