Dr. Brown’s Diet Soda

Do you know what might be the biggest untalked about sin that can land you in Dante’s 9th Circle of Hell ? When your own Mother… Ney, when anyone you know has the audacity to steal your Dr. Brown’s Diet Soda.

I drink soda at most 4x times a year. I have been sick for three days and wanted to just treat myself with my favorite soda as a positive encouragement to start moving again. AND YET MY FAVORITE SODA GETS STOLEN BY MY MOTHER.

Not only does she take the soda after being fully aware that it is mine and I was saving it for after my nap, BUT she has the pleasure of making a joke of the situation like I’m a whiny child to goad me into a fight IN FRONT OF THE MOTHER I WORK FOR.

This is what real SIN looks like people. This is why we don’t get nice things in the world.

A parched,

I.L. Knight


Soda Pop – Robbie Williams ft. Michael BublĂ©

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