Inhumans : Review

I think it is important to understand first that Marvel’s Inhumans are extremely colorful and bold comic book characters. The story follows in close detail the dramatic lives of the Royal Family of Attilan. A city of aliens on the moon who descend from ancient humans.

Although, Marvel has a great track record with movie adaptions a story like Inhumans wouldn’t be an easy feet. As characters like the fish-man Triton and Queen-of-all-the-hair-in-the-Universe Medusa exist. It’s not an easy adaption to make when you want it to feel authentic and look believable on screen.

Yet, Marvel chose to end making Inhumans, which was slated to be a Movie at first, a Tv show. A significantly smaller budget makes the task significantly harder. Plus, I heard it was sort of a rushed job. So from the start, I think everyone needs to understand they were starting at the bottom when it came to hero movie standards.

In order to simplify this next part I’ll put a nice list up for everyone :

Pros :

  1. Anson Mount plays an INCREDBLE FANTASTIC AMAZING BLACK BOLT. ( Not an easy thing to do when the character has 0 lines and one of the most complicated back stories and character relationships )
  2. The parts filmed in IMAX were nice.
  3. All the characters so far seem well casted with talented actors.
  4. We got Lockjaw. A good one.
  5. The show generally has a rising pace and interest level.
  6. We get Ramsay Bolt- I mean Maximus.


  1. We get wardrobe malfunctions : Primarily, Medusa’s wig. ( For a character that is all about CGI scarlet red hair and what you can do with it…You need to do with it.)
  2. Because the parts filmed in IMAX were good they made other parts not shot in IMAX come off awkward and low quality.
  3. Although, the characters are well casted so far the dialogue seems very bland and somewhat awkward in how it presents the time line.
  4. They were uneven with their CGI budget.
  5. The first two episodes were boring.
  6. We got Ramsay Bolt- I mean Maximus.

Does this paint a clear enough picture for you? How Marvel took an ambitious project, started from the bottom and threw money at it awkwardly?

I will say this though: STILL WATCH THE SHOW. It definitely has a rising level of interest as more episodes come out and if you are a fan of the comic you will have curiosity on where they are going with it. Further, Anson Mount seriously can carry an entire show with his prodigy level acting. I mean, the guy is phenomenal.

It is still worth it,

I.L. Knight


Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC) Comic-Con Trailer


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