On Media Representation & Blogging

Okay, I’m going to try and make this the last rant for the week and go #kvetchfree until Sunday. BUT I JUST HAVE TO rant about this :

When I started out my blog, many years and websites ago, I was definitely a kid in a candy store about all I could: podcasts, twitch streams, youtube channels, my own t-shirts! I was on something higher then a cloud 9. But then I learned a hard truth pretty quick: this is the digital age and it requires representation.

What could I do about that when all I desired was an anonymous blog? I mean my dreams rested on the ideals that one pen name could represent the idea of anyone. Try to make it work with out? Give up and then try to make it work with out pics of yourself?

Well, with my awkwardness with technology and social media I soon learned that would never work. So I tried a more social media based approach: twitter, instagram and snapchat. My non committal anxiety inducing a failed attempt at proper representation in this digital age almost right away.

So, I have to call it. Even with the endless cat pictures, twitter news updates, tumblr memes and Korean Mukbang streams I hate the resulting standard and want it gone.

This inability to accomplish anything with out being good at social media and online social culture needs to end. Can’t a writer just write? Blog? Rant? … Attempt at life?


I already have problems keeping a proper blogging schedule.

I.L. Knight


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