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Besides my original work, I post a lot of fan fiction to my site. It’s something I am actually quite nervous about and took as a challenge towards myself. I mean fan fiction is a good example how writing can become a clear example of certain wants and insecurities to pretty much anyone who reads it. However, I think fan fiction is a great tool to developing your writing and looking back on for inspiration during writing block moments. It’s because of this I decided to post. Sadly, I don’t think anyone actually reads it, so what’s the point then? Below is a list of current Fan Fiction on my site:

Ao No Exorcist

Akame Ga Kill


Dan Machi

DC Comics

Douluo Dalu

Harry Potter

Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~




Tales of Demons and Gods

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

The Shadow Hunters Universe

Tinkerbell & Fairies


My hope here is that someone reads it and gets something out of it. Oh, and possibly let’s me know if they want something specific. I love comments on all my posts/writings and I never get anyone.

Post more?

I.L. Knight


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