Confliction About The New Star Wars

Here’s the thing. I have ALWAYS  been a Trekkie. I don’t think I have made it a secret that a big part of childhood was my enjoyment in Spock, but also there is the importance of Q. I sort of felt that the characters were not only more complex and relatable, but that they represented me better. What my struggles were and would be. Because here’s the thing, my entire life all I wanted was the average, the middle, the ordinary. I was really bad at it. I had a part of me that was like Spock. I enjoyed the rational and analytical outlook of things. The comfort of facts in an argument. However, I also had an extreme flip side to that. There was a childish part of me that enjoyed the game you could have with people in my life. Watching the result of it was the funnest thing for me. Facts and analytics were not fun. They were simple comfort.

I don’t think is necessarily the fault of Star Wars as a story. Putting aside my inherit distaste for the feeling of it basically being a rip off other things put in space and the fact George Lucas is suited more as a story creator than a director ( I am sorry for admitting it but come on. The prequels as an idea were great, but the execution was just so terribly awkward. And it was definitely not the story or the actors fault) , Star Wars was a series meant to originally be marketed to 12 year olds. That’s why complex themes aren’t so easy to portray. It’s like an explanation for growing up into adulthood and the difficulty choices it brings. Or more accurately, the difficulties in relationships. There are toxic loves that are more possession than care. There exists family that really must be let go. All in a form for lessons to the young.

But, the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi change that concept. It feels like a true ending in some ways, because you see an evolution past that. Things are now complex, because time and understanding have moved on. Yet, The Last Jedi was confusing? There were obvious parallels to the prequels 2nd movie. Of the difference and evolution of love. It didn’t feel like a straight forward possessiveness. Somehow, over time a care for an individual was being created. Yet, at the same time we finally don’t get such a black and white distinction between the two sides. It’s more complicated then that. Both have some seriously major flaws. Snoke had it right when he said you need the power of both to actual sculpt. He may have wanted a little more dark side, but there was light in there too. Confliction was a huge theme of The Last Jedi. I mean how much of an awful teacher and relative was Luke? How bad was his father? The ‘Light’ couldn’t understand the emotions of the changing time, so Kylo Ren was born. And let me tell you, he’s best fucking character in these movies.

He’s complicated, torn about romance and trying to understand what his position in what the force is trying to have them do. It also doesn’t hurt that Adam Driver’s portrayal of the character stands out more than any of the actors in the movie with him. We all want him to have some happiness and to have someone in the movie bang him. He deserves it. The ‘Light’ has been pretty shitty to him. And the ‘Sith’ haven’t been much better. The actors time in the Marines have also driven him to have pretty great abs. So he deserves it.

So why was the movie confusing? I think it a combination of all these things. You know the Force Awakens feels like a build up to what Finn can be. The Last Jedi shows us what is the different paths Rey can take and how she is mentally bonded to Kylo Ren. But there’s just so many options for Rey. And because she is from seemingly no one (which I think is the most amazing part of her character) there is no direction she really HAS  to take. No betrayal or epic saga for her. Yet, she’s the main character. And the Last Jedi was really about just showing transition in a slower pace. It kind of hurts my head when I think about.

Is Mace Windu Snoke? Is Rey really from no one? Is Luke ACTUALLY DEAD ( I kind of hope so) and not trying to manipulate things from behind the scenes? Is Kylo Ren heading towards redemption from a romance? Is Stranger Things a look into George Lucas’ mind? Can Finn finally have his own light saber? And many more things. The transition with the prequels in their 2nd movie was a little more obvious and clear cut to the path Anakin was heading down. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. It’s just a thing. But it sort of also on the flip side made me hopeful for the next movie. Because I am actually enjoying Star Wars now.

I always said to people if I had to choose I’d probably join the Sith. The Jedi are uptight, craaaaazy emotionally distant people who try to force order through ignoring how chaotic they are. At least the Sith recognize that they are doing atrocities for themselves in a weird way to gain power and enforce some order in a really broken system. However, I was also conflicted. The Sith are ALSO craaaazy. I mean their eyes fucking change colors, the light sabers bleed, and they have zero ability most of the times to actually control their emotional break down.

And then it happened. We got a hazy description of the grey side. It wasn’t perfect and it was sort of annoying. BUT it’s getting better. We had great great great thing from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ahsoka Tano had to be the greatest character before we got Kylo Ren. She turned bleeding light sabers whole. And she was not like some other neutral characters and actually took action. Plus, she pointed out she wasn’t a Jedi and they completely annoy me.

So the conclusion here is. The Last Jedi as a movie is a great to be confusing and slow passed movie? Because it a lot of ways, it defines what will be the end and clarifies the complexity badly needed in the series. It even turned hard core Trekkies like me to be interested in the development of the characters. Good job George Lucas. You made a great character in Kylo Ren and you casted a fabulous actor for it.

I have to say. I get it now. The Force is a douche that people over think about or don’t think about like they should at all. It is religion at its simplest form. It is just a connection to something bigger then me.

It is basically what saved the series. #Kyloren forever now. Also, Han Solo you are a crappy parent. I get why Kylo Ren freaked out.

Actually a fan of it for once,

I.L. Knight


Kylo Ren Interrogates Rey

Kylo Ren kills Han Solo


*** Can you hurry and release clips from Last Jedi so I can use it!***

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