What I’ve Figured Out About Beauty :

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed about having any invisible illness/problem when it comes to beauty. Products are either hella expensive, or even if they are recommended to you they still might not work. It’s like a whole broken system where everyone profits except the people who are actually dependent on them It’s not about the fancy label or ingredients you put into it. It’s about the fact that we literally can’t use the nice over the counter convince store products we used to half of the time.

Seriously, look at the math.

1) Supplements range from 11$-30$ on average. Let’s say you get the cheapest at 11$. The average amount of supplements I’ve seen so far for those with an invisible illness is around 4-5. If you need 4 supplements that’s an extra 44$ a month. And we aren’t even talking standard vitamins, tax or shipping fees.

2) Beauty products suddenly narrow down to a range of goods that can be 40$ – 200/300$ for one product. This includes even your sunscreen and hand lotion. Yea, sure you can cheat once or twice a week with some over the counter lotion with oat in it that only cost you 2$ at the dollar store. BUT if you use it too much you end up causing rashes on your skin that takes more expensive goods to fix. So the average amount of products people use I read is somewhere between 5-10 a day. Let’s take the median of 40 – 200, which is 120, and multiply that by 5 products you use in a month. That’s 600$ a month. 600$ on hand cream, sunscreen, a cleanser, a moisturizer, maybe an eye cream or foundation depending on your preference, and perhaps make up remover.

That means between just those two areas of purchases you make in a month you spend somewhere around 644$. It’s insane. No wonder we drive ourselves nuts to find cheaper everyday products that work. Because while we are up in here trying to afford a 644$ a month budget on goods we need to be actively groomed people in society we may or may not find a cheaper alternative. It all depends on what exactly your problem is and how your skin is reacting that month.

I am telling you. It is utter bullshit. Bullshit that makes life way more expensive on living. Bullshit that makes me want to declare for aid from my government, because HOW ELSE DO I AFFORD FUCKING SUNSCREEN AT 40$ A POP.

No one fucking cares about problems if you can’t fucking see it 1/2 an inch away from your own goddamn face.

There goes having semi nice school books for this semester, the few extra shirts I could of used to comfortably survive winter, or just maybe something that would of been a nice treat for myself. All gone.

I.L. Knight

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