Becoming Squirrely :

Squirrely – “The act of becoming a dead looking individual, but having a mind that is equivalent to spastic squirrel videos due to lack of sleep/exhaustion/moments of unfortunate life pain- I.L. Knight”

So, yea. I fucking hate squirrels. However, after pulling two all nighters back to back, writing a response paper for the first time since I’ve been back to school. having to be productive with a mid term review AND a group presentation film project I have gone a little insane.

I kind of forgot how hard it is to reset yourself back to any sense of normalcy post these sort of things. Currently, I feel the pain of the bones as I agitated a flare up and am somehow watching Winx Club.

My first midterm is tomorrow and I am so unprepared.

I.L. Knight

angry chibi

Wake Up Little Susie – Everly Brothers

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