Look Forward To It ?_? :

Hi hi, y’all…

The marvelous. The quirky. The too tired and unproductive for her own good is back. That’s right. I have removed myself from the dark bog that was school readjustment and midterm hell. Except lots and lots of updates this week guys. BECAUSE I am starting to feel back on track.

I got an interview for a summer internship in Seoul ~ tee hee ~ My grandparents said I look good, are proud of me, and got tipsy in front of me, my mom and I have been getting along good, I am going to Israep this summer, I am finally making progress again on owning my own company, I LOST WEIGHT AND SOMEHOW RETAINED DECENT HEALTH STATUS…

Life is looking up guys… I’m even prepared ahead of time with sunglasses to fight this Florida sun.

The glass is still only half filled, but maybe there’s something in the water,

I.L. Knight

update chibi

Happy – Pharrell Williams

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