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I was really debating on whether or not to write a long post, but I decided against it. I want to leave it at this: I have been trying to balance health issues and reemergence into University and so I put this last. If you do read this blog and my stories I am very sorry about that.

However, I haven’t been completely bad about stuff, because I have written a bunch of stuff and just not had time to edit it, or upload. Here are the links to the new Fan Fiction Works I have been working on. Later on this week I will add the Links to updated Web Novels and Poetry:

All I Wanted To Be Was An Otherworld Writer?



Douluo Dalu

Lost Girl


No Ears


A brief idea of where I am it with each one will now follow. Again, sorry. When it comes to Digimon I updated the first few chapters. I need to work on the character profiles. Lost Girl has character profiles and chapter one. Meadow, I just realized, is a web novel. I don’t have the chapters posted, but the description should give you an idea of where it is going. The same situation is No Ears. While, Starwars I have created the character profiles, but I need to edit it and haven’t posted the chapters. I think these are going to end up as teasers for you. Avatar I have the character profile up and will be posting chapters tomorrow. Douluo is unedited and so will be posted later on in the week.

I really want feedback from you guys (comments or emails or social media messages) about which ones you prefer and want updated more frequently. I have a 100% ADHD brain and will pop out new stuff before continuing one unless someone tells me they want one specifically.

Missing You All,

I.L. Knight

P.s. I am adding adds to my site and creating Patreon… I know I have been bad at adding where I get my images from and it has just clicked that is a copyright issue. I would never want to take credit from someone else, so I will be doing my best to update the pages and give credit where credit is due. If y’all happen to notice your stuff and you want me to properly credit you, or wish for it to be taken down, just let me know!

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