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Hi HI Y’alll,

I’ve been doing D&D in Wednesdays but currently my group is changing the day to Thursdays. I’m going to try and post D&D content on Thursdays from now own but there is a bit of a problem. My DM wants to pause our current campaign to do more world building. Right now we are considering do more Dream Askew or doing different one shots for awhile. This means my content will be a bit varried for awhile.

I was thinking of either moving over the KO-FI content I was planning on doing with D&D, minus the imagery and specific character content, or some updates on the game itself.

For now, I think I will use this post to name the characters I’ve saved on D&D Beyond and a few I’ve had a chance to play and let you come up with that you think their stories are.



Mercy “Sheriff”

Layla Alyndra Van Morgoorn


Aurwun Kinstalked


Oleander “Ollie” Larkspur

Loratris Mytyl

Can you guess what race they are? What their classes are? Perhaps, you can figure out the inspirations behind them even?

Let me know if you need some hints?

I.L. Knight

Taliesin Jaffe: Lessons In Making Characters

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