25 : Demented Brother

Mairi followed her less sick and demented brother to flee from her very sick and demented grandfather. There on his bed was a small package that from a distance was clearly wrapped in Draghi colors. A small, more innocent smile, appeared briefly on her face. It was quickly consumed by her more performance smirk. Mairi quickly scooping up the package. “I see. Here I thought with his ‘ability’ and reputation he would handle me tricks better.” She sighed. “Men simply do always collapse to woman at the end of the day.” She turned to look at her brother. “Why do you assume I’d open it in front of you.” Her eyes narrowed into slits. “I am not found of satisfying the psychotic males of our family.”

Taka was busy enjoying his tea and vitamin pack when another bothersome note from his brother appeared in front of his nearly finished paperwork.
‘The package has been returned. Why is it in my room this time? Fix it.’
Why was it in his room? Because the Bastard obviously enchanted it so it would return to him and he could get involved with the gossip. The obnoxious lazy swine that was one of the causes for these predicaments he was forced to be in. Sighing to himself he opened the box to remove the jewelry from its mouth. Next he removed the skull from the box. It had been enchanted to preserve some form of beauty and cleanliness. With a smirk on his face he removed such enchantments. If she was that hurt by the lack of not being able a messy clean up job that she was known to have distaste for in the first place then at this point of time she would give her the real thing. He took out one of his knives, preferring to do things the more old fashioned way at times.
‘Then I shall return to you the soul of act you so desperately missed.’
The skull enchanted to appear not on her balcony but on what was possibly assumed to be the location of her bed. If it was unable to enter he would just have a bird roll it in when a window or such a similar thing was open. A smile of pure joy appearing on his face as he thought of the girl rolling around to see the appearance of a rotting skull before her. It was preferable to have the Draghis squirm. Taka returning back to his work for the night at a more eager pace.

When Virag woke up and Antoinette wasn’t there he couldn’t help but sigh and then smile. Some things never changed. He cleaned himself up, cooked a healthy and enjoyable brunch for her for when she returned and left a goodbye note. A cliché line of beautiful Russian attached to a beautiful flower was always a favorite goodbye of his. Virag leaving to meet his brothers.

Autumn was busy reading a book when her husband mention her disappointment of a child. She always wondered how he rhusband felt about giving him such a grand name that he could never live up to. “Suggestions? My only idea is something extreme.” She returned to silence and kept flipping the pages of her book as she listened to her husbaunds random Xiradis like suggestions. It was not like she could recommend the UK or Japaan or anywhere in Asia…or Africa or South America or the US at this point… Then an evil idea sparked in her head as she closed her book. “Why don’t we send him to Evangeline?” She paused for a moment to allow her signature cat like smile to appear on her face. “If anyone can take an uneducated weak slut and hopefully whip them into semi decent shape would it not be the head of the Draghi house?”

Aki woke up with a large yawn, two random slave women in his bed and another one waiting dressed by his breakfast. Sliding out of his covers, he sat down at his table to be served his breakfast. Another more layered woman came in. Her status as a Xiradis woman apparent. Although, as she was lower on the totem pole she was nothing more than one of his staff aids- if he was to give her credit. “Shahpur,

0.”برنامه شما آماده است
He took the papers from his hand and read of the documents. Morning training, morning training two, todays day specipic morning training three, brunch with his family, a meeting with one of his cousins who is a potential marriage partner, basic training with his lower ranked cousins, a gift to be delivered to elders, dinner with his brothers to check in on them, and then a nighttime ‘meeting’ with a group of older family members. He could not help but sigh heavily. In his fantasy world he would simply wake up to his Clo.
Hiro rolled out of bed annoyed. He had endulged himself with many female slaves and many toys when he arrive home. They had called out his name and begged for more pleasure and yet… His current interest to have begging for him had chosen to walk away from his offer to have normally unsatisfying relations with a lesser being. A part of him did not know whether he should attempt to correct this behavior or walk away and entice another Draghi into his bed. He certainly has had a few of them and it has started to get easier to lure the more minor ones into a night of humiliation.

Akiko sat at her breakfast table enjoying the sounds of the birds and the smell of the fauna. Since she wasn’t on the estate as much as the rest of her siblings she had gotten her prime choice in room. She was also one of her father’s favorite so that played in a factor as well. A male slave dressed in Japanese Persian combined attire brought in a small and light breakfast for her. Similar to her youngest brother she was not a heavy eater, especially in the mornings. Of course, the nights of hunting and craving meat were the exceptions for almost the entire family. On the tray was a note from her fiancé. He was the sentimental heavily devoted sort. He may have inherited the blood of the dragon but in reality he was simple a dedicated and comfortable pet snake. As an arrangement as a marriage partner he was perfect for her. Her schedule for the day was also on the tray. It was the same as usual. She ad her sisters had a combination of training similar to their brothers in the morning, brunch and a mixture of other more female specific sort of training and free time in the afternoon. Their stricter schedules existed when the three returned to Japan. It would be a nice vacation moment to spar with her brother Hiro however. He was amazing stress relief.



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