27: Family

Mairi narrowed her eyes at her brother. The fact they came from the same womb was both obvious and something she wished to deny. Everyone in her family was just awful. Awful. Awful. Awful. She opened the box carefully. Mairi felt that if one thing tore you could never know what happened. Inside the box was a tooth and a small black collar. She put the box down on a table and sighed. At this point it was fine if her brother saw it. Mairi wearily looked up at Kristopher. “Keep it if you want. I’m sure you have someone you can use this on.” Sighing, she walked out of the room and headed to one of the moors. All she wanted was a nice evening of torturing a boy so he would crave sex. Was that too much to ask for?

Illych only got to sleep in when he got to keep his wife in bed. Sadly, today was not a day he was able to keep her there. Instead, he did one of his other usual morning routines and ran around the property shirtless. As much as the older Draghi members did not appreciate his presence many of the others did. Especially, the younger or less important females. The amount of attention he gathered was a necessary act. Illych stopping to stretch. One of the younger ones of his children generation was standing their with a protein shake for him. Another one besides her was holding out a towel. It was so sad to see, but useful for his workouts. “Thank you.” Illych took the protein drink from the girl’s hands. A gentle smile on his face. “Is everything okay? Do you need something?” Illych turning to take the towel from the other girl. “The same goes for you. Are you okay?” He went to wipe the sweat off his body when the girl ran forward to do it for him It was a both useful and sad situation alright. The one wiping him down had a smile on her face. “I was just wondering about the summer ball.” He looked down at her. Ah, so this is what she wanted. “Yes, Rosalia?” They always seemed so surprised when he remembered their names. They were prideful morons. “I was wondering if I would be allowed to go…” Illych pat her head. “You are a Draghi are you not? Of course, you may come.” The girl nodded her head. An evil smile appearing within him. The idiotic girl who made a mistake from the faction that saw him as an idiot just got a ticket to go, even though she was punished, because flattered the him. They were so prideful that most of them never noticed their flaws. The other girl stepped forward. “Illych!” He looked at her gently. “Yes, Mary?” She pretended to act shy. “I was hoping to bring Markov as a date.” Markov? The young boy from the wannabe Russian nobility family? To think she wanted to bring a man who only had looks and nothing else. Well, it would aid in the whole I am stupid so get with an idiot I’m ‘close’ too. He pat her head as well. “I’ll talk to him.” Illych walking away from the two. “Now go on. I have to finish my run.” The two nodded as he ran away. They smiled as if they had played their game and won. Meanwhile, Illych was wondering if he should even mention to his wife the changes in his game.

Taka was just coming back from his morning schedule when he saw a box waiting for him. He sighed. This annoying little slut was such a pain the ass. What was she even good for besides bending down and pleasing a man. It was the very foundation of their house. His fingers tapped the top of the box in a rhythm. What was the best most satisfying course of action next… What should he do? Ah, let’s play a game shall we. Taka put his hand on the box and glowed for a moment. A little message on the top read ‘open me or else.’ An evil smirk appearing on his face.

Eloise was sitting outside enjoying the view at the breakfast table when a man came up to the table to deliver her a letter. Chigaru across from her looked up from his plate, but said nothing. She opened it and read over the contents. A smile appearing on her face. Gerard sighing. “Hiro at the Draghi estate will be a nightmare.” His siblings all nodded their heads. Eloise simply taking another sip of tea. “You are his friend, Gerard.” Gerard put his fork down. “Absolutely not. I am on summer break. I get a break from those two.” Lazare took a sip of his own tea. He was afterall his mother’s biggest fan. “You shouldn’t talk like that.” Arlette, however, disagreed. “Lazare stay out of it. Give Gerard the chance to make his own decisions.” Gabrielle rolled her eyes. “Gerard isn’t in the position to do that.” Edith nodding her head in agreement. Eloise eyeing Clotilde to see if she had an opinion. Apparently, there was nothing she wished to add. Lulu giggling. “Brother is so sad. He has to go no matter what.” Gerard didn’t even look up from his plate. He already knew the answer.


Akiko had went from breakfast to collecting her brother. The two had been sparring for a few hours as the family slowly gathered to the area. It had become the point where the sisters were fighting their brothers one on one. As Yukiko had draw her brother hero she was the one who had gotten the short end of the stick today. Akiko and Taka were having quite a fluid but intimidating fight. You could tell how much blood-thirst they both possessed when they let go. No wonder the servants were too intimidated to the approach the area when they two of them spared. Taka was a fluid, deadly animal. While, Akiko was a graceful fighter that when hit unleashed a crazy amount of strength you wondered where it came from. Aki and Kohaku were in a sense almost the reverse of that. Aki preferred to be calm, cool and collected at all times. He baited an opponent and felt them out. His ability to control a massive amount of physical strength was a trait to b e envied. As was his sharp wit. When he decided to strike it was an unimaginable force that one could never imagine. Kohaku, however, was the fastest out of all her siblings. Her speed plus her small size was her strength in sparring her eldest brother. By the time her two parents had approached and observed the end of their matches the clear skill on all six of the children had been revealed to those who stood far back enough to watch safely. Aki the powerhouse, Hiro the defensive expert, Taka the natural killer, Akiko the striker, Yukiko the most flexible and Kohaku the fastest. They were six deadly, bloodthirsty children that scared many on the estate. The fact that these six wore collars on them was a blessing and a relief to many of their family members. The six moving to an outdoor area to be quickly bathed, scrubbed and dressed for brunch with their parents. If they were late to brunch their punishment was far worse than what others got to spectate.

“To each their own, huh. I wonder if that’s the case if you are climbing up a family name.” Illych smiled as he sat down at the breakfast table. He smiled at his son. “Never mind such a think, Maksim. Family breakfast is for things other than any of this.” Illych smiled at his kids. “I saw your schedules for the summer. There’s no need to worry over anything. Adjustments have already been set to be made. Your new ones will come soon.” He smiled at Seraphina. “Little Angyal, studio time has increased for you. As well as, a father daughter event in Hungrary, a library opening visit in Russia and your cousin’s opera event.” His eyes moved next to Antoinette. “ Little Nap, I have booked the concert dates you wanted for the summer as well as the dance studio times. You have to go to an Art opening in Mongolia with your brother. And, the little Szar insisted you go to Volk’s concert.” Illych passed some food over to Markus’ plate. “Two trips have been scheduled for you and I; as well as, a larger hunt gathering. You and your brother will also be modeling in your cousin’s fashion show. And Markus… Do whip that Ivar into shape. There’s been a complaint by the wildlife association.” Illych turned to his other son. If it was up to him he would have more time away from Seraphina and other Draghi females in general. He was a power hungry viper. “ You have quite a few more events you have been requested to go to. In fact, the list is too long to repeat. Just remember to make Zarya happy at her charity fundraiser, Grandmother happy at the ballet and of course your mother happy at the gathering in America.” A smile returning to his face. “So, how was everyone’s day?”


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