29: Jokes

Autumn received the letter from her husband. Evangeline was a simple to the point writer. It took only a few seconds to read it over. When she was done the letter was simply dropped from her fingers as it burned away. Autumn saying nothing about it or about anything at all as the servant entered the room. As far as they considered her she was an annoying decoration. It was something that would be corrected in the future. She had raised the weapons inside their walls. When he left Autumn stood up and took Damian’s hand. “It’s time for brunch.” By the force of her pull there was no question that it was a scheduled mandatory event she had set.

Dimitrov was standing shirtless in an open pit area. He was striking a training dummy over and over again. A pile of reinforced ones lay broken besides him. Many of the younger ones enjoyed coming to observe or taunt. Dimitrov found it incredibly frustrating that none of them really ever sought to challenge him. Except the few that would in no way be allowed to die by his hands. He turned his attention to a bird feather that had fallen from the sky right onto his shoulder. A growl escaping his throat. It was vicious and enraged but mostly painful. His Mina was still stuck in that room. The feather disintegrating away as the message had been understood. His nails fell off as claws grew in. The training dummy in front of him ripped completely in half. A feral howl for violence escaping his mouth. Blood. He wanted blood.

Autumn arrived in the garden area where a table had been set up. Her children were properly dressed and standing waiting for them. She motioned for her husband to sit first and gently sat besides him. It was moments like these the opinion on these two was split by those who resided in the household. On the surface, they made such a beautiful picture. Beyond that, all the context involved marred such an image from beauty. No one spoke as the kids took their seats. The table waiting for tea and food to be served. Autumn turning to her son. “Hiro, you will be spending the summer on the Draghi estate.” The customarily silent beginning became a tenser silence. However, the smirk from his siblings certainly added an air of mockery. Hiro looked at his mother exasperated. “The Draghi estate? You must be joking, mother?” Autumn shook her head no. “You will be managed by The Lady’s children and expected to fulfill the minimum of what the Draghi household calls a well done performance. Expect to arrive there tomorrow.” The rest of his siblings ignored the spectacle and began eating. Kohaku smiling at her father. “Baba, speaking of this summer I was wondering if you had time in your schedule for a hunt?” Yukiko also leaned towards her father. “I have heard Azar and his family have planned to unleash a whole horde of Manticore’s.” Akiko took a sip of tea. “Yes, I had heard the same. But I was waiting for the family invitation to respond you two.” Yukiko took a bite of a piece of fruit. “The invitations have gone out already.” The children, minus Hiro, all turned to look at their father. An event, while minor, had been scheduled and his family had yet to receive their invite. Taka took a bite of egg. “Seems likely they are avoiding being humiliated again.” Aki nodded his head laughing. “Yes, didn’t even Hiro beat their eldest son at the Roc hunt last summer?” Hiro hit the table hard. “I am not going to the Draghi household.” Autumn turned her head to look back at her son. “I suggest you stop acting like a child. You have been taught proper manners, son.” Hiro looked at his mom exasperated. “Mother, please. I have plans.” Autumn stood up from the table. The rest of her children, besides Taka, lost their composed air. In less then a second she suddenly appeared in front of Hiro. Her nails slashed his neck so only a ‘bit of blood dripped from his neck. His hands went to his throat. It was true he would heal but still the sudden sensation. Taka calmly taking another bite of his omelet. “I suggest you sit, brother. Last time you fainted before you made it back to your room.” Hiro slowly looked away from his mother and sat back down. His body on fire. Over the years their mother had consistently improved on poisons or toxins that purposely target the healing abilities of the Xiradis. It was fast acting and painful. It was a deadly weapon if she wished to do more than just cause a cut with her nails. Hiro gripping the sides of his chair and breathing heavy. Even with his healing, his body was working overtime trying to clear the toxin. Autumn fixed his hair that looked a bit disheveled and returned to her seat. Kohaku smiling and looking back at her father. “Are you free for the hunt?”

Illych turned to see his eldest daughter enter the room. He enjoyed watching her take command of her siblings. A look of nostalgia appeared on his face as he remembered how her mother and him used to be. Illych snapping back into the current time period at his little Angyal. “Ah, the first trip. I suppose it is obvious.” He leaned towards Markus with a wicked smile. “This upcoming moon I have a surprise planned for you.” He leaned away to grab a larger cup of black tea. “If I said anymore I would spoil the fun.” Illych pouring himself a hot cup. The steam spilling off the top as it seemed to make shapes of wolves devouring prey. “Speaking of a hunt. How was your night with a particular red head?” He passed Seraphina’s favorite muffin towards her plate and then turned to pour a breakfast cup for Aleera. She probably ate already but she was not one to refuse a drink with family…. Well, when everyone was together she would likely not refuse a simple cup.


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