52 – Katsumi and Chadwick

Katsumi was estatic to be leaving the class with Chadwick. He had been the most comforting and enjoyable things about this school so far! He was so happy the so called clingy cousin had not noticed Autumn had left to the infirmary already due to an injury. No, instead he was smiling and chatting his way towards a class with Chadwick. The joy leaving the room when that annoying Jen appeared. At her comments he could not help but feel enraged. Saseko! She probably has a future as a Gaisho with that annoying attitude of hers. Perhaps, he would take Adeline’s offer of ‘fun’. Katsumi staying silent as they walked to class. When they sat down he spoke up. “Although, I don’t understand how you do relationships here I can tell that one was probably not the best one. We’d call that a Saseko situation. It can’t be helped sometimes? There is no need to worry about it.” Katsumi looked down shyly. “Besides, so far with everything I’ve seen you’ve been the most comfortable thing.” He leaned towards him and smiled shyly. A sort of surprising expression appearing on his face. “And aren’t we friends and roommates? Our lot has been thrown together.”

Larissa watched the entire exchange go down. She smiled at Mina. There was no threat to her desires for men there. “Thank you.” As for Jen, that was an annoying situation she had chosen to not make her problem until it had to be. Her attention returning to Landon. “Let’s do the the Common room this time? We’ve already been to the field and it may be nice to plan and talk in that sort of atmosphere.” She gestured for them to leave. In her order to play her cards right she turned to smile at Russel. “Don’t worry, we will definitely create a plan that has you in top shape for the games. I personally promise that.” Larissa turned back to smile and gesture to leave.

Dimitrov had been walking the halls when he caught sight of another scene he wished to not see. That annoying student clinging to Mina. It was a terrible after sight after having to deal with the squawks of an annoying bird. His eyes narrowed at the two of them. “You better not be late to class.” As he walked away from them he shook his head. She was a girl even he did not wish to sleep with.


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