53 – Gryffindor Tower

Chadwick leaned back in his seat, tilting his chair until he was maintaining a delicate balance on the two back legs. He nodded as Katsumi weighed in on his…relationship with Jen. “Yeah. I try not to pay it too much mind.” He breathed a relazed sigh, already feeling better now that Jen was long gone. Tilting his head, his brows raised curiously while Katsumi continued. “Uh…yeah.” He nodded slowly. “Sure, mate.” Chadwick shrugged, giving a brief smile. “Don’t worry. I won’t burden you with any of my nonexistant drama.” The wizard chuckled. He wasn’t entirely sure he was following what Katsumi was saying, but…it seemed positive? “Speaking of being thrown together. Where’s Autumn?” He glanced around to see most of the seats hadn’t been filled yet. Figures, students had a habit of cutting it close for this class. “So what exactly is a Saseko situation? Is it just general or more specific?” His curiousity had been peaked with a gleam coming to his eye. “Sorry. If I ever come on too strong about your culture- just let me know. I did the same thing to Draghi in our early years.” He chastised himself. “Anyway, you’re a good mate.” He realized he was caught somewhere between rambling and repeating himself; his cheeks redening a bit as he cleared his throat.

Mina had been silently debating whether or not to go to the hospital wing when Dimitrov’s irritatingly familiar rang out like nails down a chalk board. How could she be late? She was right next to the door! “Of course, Professor.” Jen’s tone was polite and obedient, a coy smile forming as she met the Professor’s gaze. Mina looked between the two and rolled her eyes. She didn’t even offer a word; instead opting to enter the class and take a seat as close to the back as the Gryffindor section would allow. Chadwick shot her a concerned look as she passed, but she merely pulled a funny face to alleviate him. Sinking into her seat with a sigh she ran her fingers through her hair. “Of course, he’s already got something going…” Her thoughts trailed back to the letter she’d swiped from his office. “Shitehead.” She mumbled. Resting her hand on the desk she noticed the fresh blood and merely stared. Suddenly she became aware of the blood seeping down her skin and into her shirt beneath her school robes. When she spotted more Gryffindors trickling in she quickly wiped her hand. Never again would she pick William AND Stavros again. Mathias seemed friendly enough and he seemed to be getting on well enough with Amara and Chastity. Nicole soon appeared and took the seat next to her looking less than pleased. “Landon is going off with Larissa to talk about Quidditch.” Nicole’s tone made Mina was to just liquify on the ground. “She’s really good from what I saw this morning.” Mina commented. Nicole shot her a look and Mina found literally anything else to look at.

“Ace.” Landon shot Larissa a nod before giving Russell one of his trademark pats on the shoulder. “Keep out of trouble. I’ll see you later.” With one last grin towards Russelll and his mates, he walked out of the greenhouse. “Having a good time with our good ol’ stair system here?” He chuckled as some staircases moved this way and that above them. “A lot of the lads say they’ve got ’em figured out when they’re trying to impress, but it’s all a crap shoot.” He eyed the stairs, waiting for them to stop moving before taking her hand. “Let’s go!” Pulling her up the stairs with him he didn’t let go until they were safely on the right floor. “Sometimes I forget which ones moves.” He admitted, flashing her his boyish smile. “What a surprise?! You’re never back this early!” The Fat Lady guarding Gryffindor Tower exclaimed at the sight of Eccles. “I know. We needed a quiet place to do some strategizing for Quidditch.” Eccles explained easily before attemping a step forward. “Wait!” The Fat Lady exclaimed making him freeze, “Password?” She put on her usual voice. Eccles groaned, “Alright. Gillyweed.” Landon said easily, gesturing for Larissa to go in first once the Fat Lady stung the portrait back. Just as he’d assumed, it didn’t seem like there was anyone hanging out in the common room so early. He plopped down on the couch, leaving room for Larissa to sit next to him while he stretched his legs out underneath the table in front of them. “Where to begin?”


The Fat Lady Is Gone

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