54 – Professor Vector

Katsumi watched how Chadwick moved. Somehow, it felt different than others. It was if he occupied a spice that was supposed to be noticeable and yet somehow drew a spot light to it. That was the existence that was Chadwick. It was opposite to what he felt like was his position. An area that was in the spotlight and yet somehow was trying to make it unnoticeable. The only time he was able to really achieve that was when he stood behind Autumn. She always was fine with standing in front under the lights. No, she was able to handle the role of it as a responsibility. These two people were very different than him. Different in ways he wish he could be. Katsumi shook his head. “Your non-existent drama isn’t so bad. ” At the mention of Autumn. He looked around for a moment. Ah, she wasn’t here yet. How odd. His attention turning back to Chadwick. “She is probably on her way here.” Ah, he did say Saseko outloud. Katsumi scratched his cheek awkwardly. How does he say this nicely. “A Saseko is… Well… it’s a person that… A person that is… umm. Well.. Not too difficult to… get intimate with..” His face turned slightly red.“ Katsumi looking up again at Chadwick’s worries. Why was Mina mentioned again… ”There’s no problem! We’re pretty open in Japan! I mean I am pretty open!“ His face turning red again. ”You too… I think…“ Katsumi leaned closer to him and smiled shyly. ”I think you are a good person. And I have seen a lot of people who aren’t.“

Autumn walked into class quite late by her standards. She had noticed Eloise left a seat open besides her and Chigaru. What did she want. Ignoring the fact that Katsumi was too consumed in Chadwick to notice she had arrived, Autumn slid in next to Eloise. A large smile on the French doll’’s face. “Autumn~” She didn’t look up as she took out her materials for class. Eloise leaning closer to her. “Autumn~” Still, she just looked up at the board, waiting for the Professor to arrive. “Autumn~” There was no response. Before Eloise could open her mouth Chigaru but in. “Eloise is very bored right now.” A warning signal had been sent. Autumn reluctantly turning to face her. Perhaps damage control could be initiated. “Yes.” Eloise made an interesting smirk as she leaned away. “Damage control, huh.” Autumn couldn’t help but sigh. “What’s on YOUR mind.” Eloise twirled her hair as if to demonstrate how bored she was. “Well, there’s so many plots starting that none have become entertaining yet.” Devil. That was what this girl was. “Is there one you particular wish to speed up or cause?” Autumn did struggle sometimes with what this devil was inferring. Eloise shrugged. “Not particulary. I just wanted to move things faster. Listen to your ideas.” By listen she meant snoop around in her head. HAH. I have walls for you to fight to break through! Eloise narrowed her eyes for a moment before her natural cheerful expression returned. Autumn silently pointing at Mathias area, Mina’s area, the entire hufflepuff section and her cousin Adeline. Eloise glanced them for a moment. Her eyes settling on the image of Chadwick and Katsumi. Very aware of the context that was skipped over. Eloise nodded her head. “Alright. I see what you mean.” Eloise leaned forward to whisper into Chigaru’s ear. The obvious glare from Gryffindor occurring. Chigaru’s expression not changing as he heard her words. “Chigaru~” … “The games are really going to begin.” As she leaned away from him no one, but Autumn and Chigaru, noticed she had tapped her foot three times against the desk. Autumn’s eyes flickering to Adeline who seemed to smile for a moment. Ugh, a message had been sent.

Larissa smiled. “The stairs here really remind me of some of the vines and trees back home. ” She easily allowed herself to be pulled along and enjoy the view. A silent nod at The Fat Lady as if to recognize that she was indeed planning to flirt with this boy. Larissa sliding next to him on the couch. Even if there wasn’t proper room she would have sit there anyways. It was best to view the parchments she was going to pull out. “I went ahead and drew out the field on this one. This next one is the name of the players I saw today and what looked like they could be good at and bad at. This last one is the names I heard for the other houses and there information. I don’t know much about how you guys play but isn’t this a little worrisome?” Larissa while leaning both closer to Landon and the parchments continued. “Hufflepuff seems to have excellent Beaters. Ravenclaw they said had great Chasers this year and Slytherin… Besides, there broomsticks they have a great Keeper I hear.” Larissa turning her head so she was closer to his. “And then there’s Katsumi.” She put her hand over his and looked at him worried. “You guys may not know but he’s pretty well known as as a seeker.” Larissa leaned away. While she was flirtatious, if she put her mind to something she would be serious about it. “From what I can see our team has great teamwork because you guys are like a family. But, you know, I’m not a part of that family. If I screw up the teamwork then we lose our only advantage.” Larissa having a serious face for the first time in front of him. “I’m not going to lose.”

Professor Vector walked into the room. Everyone got quiet instantly. She was well known for her strictness and the amount of homework she gave out. “Open your books. You have fifteen minutes to read as far into the book as you can and then I will have questions.” She crossed her arms. “Let’s see what they expect me to work with this year.”


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