55 – Loosen Your Collar

Chadwick suddenly felt the need to loosen his collar a bit. So that’s what a Saseko was… “Uh…I guess you could say that, except it’s always on her terms.” He attempted to clarify. “Oh okay, good to know. I’ll keep that in mind when my next barrage of questions pop up.” He laughed it off a bit awkwardly. He didn’t know why things always seemed to get gawky when he was talking to Katsumi. It felt like they were one of those old Ravenclaw stereotypes- possibly so nerdy and socially anxious they couldn’t even last in a conversation with each other for more than five minutes. The ridiculous thought made him relax a bit. “I’m glad…I think?” Glancing over at Katsumi he unconsciously leaned back to give him more room. “I see.” He nodded slowly. “Well, I’m happy you think that.” It wasn’t everyday someone said you were a good person- or that they think you’re one. As soon as Vector entered the room he straightened up, tapping Katsumi lightly on the arm for him to follow suit. If there was was one class he tried to be on his best behavior for it was definitely this one. Opening his book he went straight to the third chapter having already read the first two.

Nicole and Mina both immediately set to work on reading as much as possible. Both girls were silently questioning their decisions to take this course. When the fifteen minutes were up Nicole closed her book calmly while Mina wouldn’t even remember the last sentence she read. What class was this even? Would she ever know? Hopefully she just couldn’t be called on.

Landon leaned forward to appraise her documents. “There are amazing…” He followed her lead in what he needed to look at first. He was honestly impressed at how much she’d been able to gather about the team from just one practice. Seeing it written out so bluntly; however, did make him realize how apparent some of these weaknesses much be. Rubbing his neck he nodded along as she talked about the other houses. Hufflepuff’s strong point hadn’t changed in years, but the others were new information- aside from the Slytherins and their brooms. As she moved closer kept getting traces of her perfume? Lotion, maybe? He wasn’t sure, but it smelled amazing. With a warm smile he gave her hand a squeeze “Yeah I think Katsumi’s going to be their ace in the hole.” He admitted. As captain he tended to focus more on individual teammate development with winning matches against other houses coming second. In the past it had worked out well: find what players are good at, hone their skills for that one position, work on team strategy so everyone has the same playbook in their head, and let them loose. The serious expression Larissa wore; however, made it clear to him that this year things were about to change. “I understand what you mean.” He agreed before leaning back against the couch. “We’ll have to change how we’ve done things in the past and we may get some push back, but the the team is pretty used to me having wild ideas.” The corner of his mouth pulled up into a smile as he was reminded of the lovely lady next to him. “Alright.” He clapped his hands. “Let’s start by making you co-captain. You’ve already gotten a good grasp on most of the players abilities, but some might not take too kindly to being told they suck by a beautiful girl.” He chuckled. “I should be able to merge any idea you have with the team dynamic. I’ve had some crazy ideas in the past, so they might groan a bit, but that’s it.” He shrugged. “We won’t have the field again for two days, but I can call a team meeting tomorrow morning if you want.”


Harry’s First Quidditch Match

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