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Katsumi couldn’t help but question Chadwick leaning away from him. Was it due to feeling uncomfort from an idea or feeling pressure from him. He was so absorbed in his pondering that he hadn’t even noticed the professor come into the room. An odd thing for such a studious individual. Katsumi smiling as he watched every micro-expression Chadwick had as he read the pages. After a few minutes, Katsumi stopped him from turning a page. He may of had his eyes on Chadwick, however, he still left one eye out for the material. Theoretical magic after all was his area of interest. The page had started with an introduction of sign, cosign and tangent. They were the foundations to what the muggles called Trigonometry. The muggles had created the concept of math which lead to the concept of science. It was these two concepts that formed the building blocks of all the things they had created without magic. In a world with only partial information their ability to struggle to boil things down to numbers was completely fascinating. Autumn had always disagreed with him. She said partial information and reduction to numbers was an idiotic pointless struggle. However, the idea of being able to boil things down to simple numbers with all information was such a temptation! Below the explanations of the terms were a few sample problems meant to tempt the individuals curiosity. They ranged from basic to a challenge. Katsumi picked up his quill as he scanned over one of the challenging problems. A few moments later his quill moved along the page to write an answer and an explanation. The problem itself was simply written to sound tricky. However, it came down to a remembrance of a mathematical shortcut the muggles had coined: 1−cos2x+cos2x=1. Meaning that sin2x=1−cos2x (and that cos2x=1−sin2x). If one was just introduced to the concepts of blank shorthand to numerical principles the concept of these equations could be a momentary confusion. So he wrote out the replacement equation needed to solve it and the work that lead to the answer of 2. A smile on his face as he looked at Chadwick. “This is one she’ll probably ask about.” Katsumi going ahead and flipping the next page for him so they could continue reading in the time left allotted to them.
Professor Vector’s patience was already wearing thin. By the looks at where everyone was at with their readings it was clearly barely any even attempted to prepare for class. This was the problem with some students expecting to do better than their ability level. Her eyes scanning the room with thorough scrutiny. She had heard from her friend over at Beauxbaton that the exchange Adeline was particularly gifted in this subject. She would be sure to thoroughly quiz her today to see her worth. The time ticking away on their grace period.

Larissa smiled a moment at the faint touch of Landon’s hand. Of course she would be able to easily handle there “tough nut to crack’ hottie. An evil smirk in her head as she thought of Nicole’s future face. She was confused at his pull away for a moment but both relieved and surprised at his proposal. The shock appearing on her face. ”Co-captain? Are you sure.“ Larissa tucked one of her stray hairs behind her ear. ”I know I have had a certain awareness and strategy but this is your team. Your there leader. I shouldn’t walk in here and change any of that.“ Larissa putting her hand on his leg. ”Let’s call the meeting tomorrow for a brief check in. See what everyone thinks. Decisions like this shouldn’t be without them.“ She leaned in closer and moved her hand from his leg to fix his collar. ”Maybe you should also be dressed a little more proper that day too.“ Larissa was about to say more when a paper crane appeared and landed on Landon’s lap. As it unfolded at his touch even she could see the message.

“Landon, I need to speak with you after potions during lunch. Autumn.”

She looked up from the note to him confused (and annoyed). What did Autumn want with him!?

Adeline had just finished dropping a folded piece of paper off the desk when Professor Vector called the class to order. “Alright class, your time is up. Books… and quills.. down.” The last few to close theirs had theirs slammed shut by a swish of the wand. Her eyes narrowing at all of them. “Let it be known that to me and this class house does not matter. Friendships and fights do not matter. The only thing that matters is what you put into it. It will determine how much you get out of this class and lessons you can learn for your future life.” The professor swished her wand again and six problems appeared in the air. “Now then, Adeline Bellchant question number one.” Adeline stood up from her desk and swished her own wand to show the work she was doing. It was a question on quadratic solutions. The Professor nodded her head pleased at the answer. “Very good.” Adeline sat down with a smile on her face. Others getting called up one by one to solve an example problem. When they got to the last one Katsumi pinched Chadwick’s side so he would make a reaction. Professor Vector turning her attention to him. “If you are so eager to participate in class go on and solve this problem.” A challenging look appearing on her face. Katsumi, however, smiled. This was the problem he had written out for Chadwick before.


Potion’s Class

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