57 – I’m Captain

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m captain, aren’t I?” Landon joked. Glancing down at her hand on his leg he tried not to linger. Everything she said just made his smile wider. “Strategic mind, tactical, AND looking out for the well being of the team?” He counted the points on his fingers. “Sounds like I made a good pick.” His attempts at keeping things light were squandered when she leaned closer. “Yeah?” He found himself naturally moving forward to ease their distance. “You think so?” The crane landing on his lap was the nonverbal: OI. KEEP IN LINE ECCLES; that he needed. Straightening up he wrapped an arm around her to keep her steady before resting it over the couch. DON’T BE A DICK ECCLES. KEEP IT IN LINE. Once the crane unfolded he read it over; his brows raising in surprise. “Oh.” He’d thought the note would of been for Larissa; not him. Seeing her confusion plain as day he shrugged. “Must be about class.” If he’d learned anything from his time with Nicole; it was to speak on things like this. “But yeah, I’ll wrangle everyone tomorrow morning and we’ll run it by them. There’s only a few who might be gruff about it.” Putting the paper in his pocket an idea came to mind. “You have any ideas on what I should wear? Because I’ll admit I normally wear my robes or something I don’t mind getting wrecked so I might need a wee bit of help there.” Realizing he’d just invited her to his room he swallowed. “Ah. Scratch that. I must be off my trolley saying shite like that.” He shook his head. “If I ever say something stupid just tell me to haud yer wheesht.” With a chuckle he stood up and rolled his shoulders. She was a bonnie lass, but she was in Gryffindor which meant Nicole would sniff him out if he even looked at her too long.

Chadwick glanced over at Katsumi, confused as to why he’d stopped his hand. His first thought was maybe Katsumi had been reading over his shoulder and then saw the quill. Looking back at the page it started to make sense although he wasn’t sure which question his friend had selected. He leaned closure to Katsumi, muttering a ‘sorry’ as he memorized the beginning of his work to match up with a question. Chadwick read the question twice to make sure he understood before following along with Katsumi’s work. “Oh…” He whispered, putting together the work he’d done. He’d read over three chapters of the text and that equation had NOT been mentioned which was mental because if he understood it right then the equation made it ten times easier to understand. “Thanks, mate.” He gave him an appreciate smile and quickly scribbled down the equation: 1−cos2x+cos2x=1. He’d definitely need to share this with their housemates after class. Had they all be in the dark about this whole time? Or had a few managed to figure it out while the rest of them were simply floating with no purpose?

Nicole watched Adeline stand, crossing her arms over her chest as she observed the ‘beauxbaton beauty’ answer the question with ease. Beautiful, blonde, foreign, an attractive accent, and in Ravenclaw of all houses. Everything about her seemed perfect; especially the part where she seemed completely uninterested in Gryffindor- the young men specifically. Speaking of exchange students moving in on Gryffindor men she couldn’t help but theorize what Larissa was doing with Landon. The only saving grace being that Quidditch was his life and since their break up he hadn’t been able to move on. Honestly she didn’t care if Adeline or any of the exchanges wanted to flirt so long as they left her Quidditch captain out of it. “She’s good.” She commented to Mina approvingly.

Mina glanced over at Nicole a bit confused. She was also in the room watching Adeline perform, so she was ALSO aware? Resting her chin on her palm she simply exhaled. As much as she loved the girl…Nicole had certainly taken on some irritating habits every since she earned ‘prefect’ status last year. Nonetheless she didn’t dare say anything lest she bring the wrap of Vector upon her table.

Chadwick was scribbling down every bit of work that each unlucky student produced on the spot. He was so engrossed in transcribing what he’d seen floating a few moments before he hadn’t even seen Katsumi coming. “Owwwwah.” His cheeks burned a bit as he straightened up. He had no idea how to describe that noise except trying not to say ‘ow’ and going into an attacked bird noise, maybe? Vector’s challenging gaze made him drop his eyes as he stood up. “Yes, Professor Vector.” Taking out his wand he read over the problem and suddenly all of the tension left his body. He knew this question! Well, Katsumi knew this question and he’d retroactively learned it. Writing out the equations he worked through it until he came to the final answer of: 2. When he was done he looked back at the professor for confirmation. If this worked out he was going to have to pay back Katsumi big time.


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