58 – Lunar Goddess

Larissa looked at him clearly interested. For class? That was it, right? I mean that Autumn certainly seemed like an unsociable brat. At his next words she beamed brightly. Consider the fish caught. She put her hand on his leg again and chuckled. “I would certainly do just that…” Larissa leaning closer to him. “But I don’t have a problem with what you asked for.” She smiled at him coyly. “Unless the idea of having me in your room is too much for you.” She picked up one of the analysis she made of one of the Quidditch guys. “I can always pass the suggestions I have for you to him and he can go into your room with you.” Larissa picked her hand up from his leg. “Wouldn’t want my Co-Captain to feel unsafe with me.” Begrudgingly she remembered the time. “I think we have to get to potions.” She waited to follow him out.

Katsumi looked up at Chadwick proud. It may have been with his notes but he probably would of gotten there with no problem if the problem wasn’t a pop quiz problem. Professor Vector nodded her head trying not to look content. “Scribbling in your book and working ahead is always encouraged. Just try to not get too ahead of the class will you, Chadwick. It’s bad form.” The Professor clapping her hands. “I’d say the rest of you need have some catching up to do the Ravenclaw House this year. As they’ve taken the class’s first 10 house points.” Katsumi started the house clap for Chadwick with Adeline’s help. Professor Vector calming everyone down. “Alright, alright. If everyone is that eager to prove themselves we can challenge the other houses.” Her eyes moving over to the Gryffindor house. “Nicole, as a Prefect I’m sure you can handle a problem similar to Chadwick’s.” She waited for an answer.

Professor Rhiannon stood behind her teaching table. Today the class was to start their endeavors on an Elixir to Induce Euphoria. It wasn’t a complicated one but not an easy one. It was in her mind the perfect introduction to potions itself. It also introduced who the difficult students would be. Her eyes already set to watch the two Durmstrung exchanges.

Autumn had been zoning out until she heard the Slytherin Table being called. To her relief Chigaru was picked to answer the problem. He raised his wand, a unique long Ebony wand with if one guessed was wrapped around a Pheonix feather. The answer was 3. In Autumn’s mind there was an irony with the relation between Chigaru and the answer 3. His wand glowed for a moment too long before he sat down. Professor Vecto satisfied as she moved on to Hufflepuff. Anthony was being called and he did not look confident. Autumn noticing as she looked back Eloise’s wand had moved from under her book to next to it. A smile on her face when she turned to look at her. Autumn immediately looked around the room to try and find a victim. When she saw Amara looking at a folded note with a smile on it she knew that note was certainly not from Chigaru and was most likely from Eloise. Autumn turned to look at Chigaru exasperated. He simply shrugged. Autumn trying her best to not worry about the future till the class was over.

Eloise, Autumn and Chigaru were walking out of Arithmancy and heading to Potions when they heard Amara call. She had interrupted the eager Pyotr. “Chigaru!” He didn;t stop walking and waited for her to catch up to them. Amara making a point to move between him and Eloise. Both the Slytherin girls and Adeline found it hysterical. “I got your note.” He looked completely indifferent. Autumn realized Amara had a beautiful smile when one got to see it. “I’ll be there.” Chigaru nodded his head silently and waved her off as she ran to catch up with Charity and Noah. He turned to Eloise. She simply faked confusion. Autumn sighing. She turned to Adeline to have a conversation but noticed she was busy with her followers and the Durmstrung boys. Looking around she noticed Katsumi had left with Chadwick. WHY WAS SHE SOMEHOW STANDING THERE ALONE. Eloise suddenly tapping her on the shoulder. “Don’t worry Autumn. You aren’t alone.” Autumn looked at her warily. In her head screaming, ‘I DON’T TRUST THAT.’ Eloise was up to something and in some form or shape she was collateral. She entered potions in such a tired state she hadn’t even noticed the glare she was receiving from Professor Rhiannon.

Celeste was sitting perfectly poised in Potions when she caught the sight of Illych waving her over. Without a glance at Balthazaar, she walked over. He pulled her over to the corner with a smirk. “You are even more beautiful in the shadows.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Is that what you needed to say in private?” Illych shook his head no. “Actually, I was going to say that you are always beautiful and that you have ensnared my heart as my own Lunar Godess, but I thought of something better to say.” Celeste looked at him completely bored. “And that is?” He smiled. “I made a deal and I could use your help.” She looked intrigued but still slightly irritated. “My help how?” Illych smiled. “Why pretend to go on a secret date with me of course.” Celeste cracked up laughing. A beautiful smile appearing on her face as her hand rested on his muscular arm. If anyone saw them from afar they would look like quite the flirtatious duo. “And why should I do that?” He leaned down to appear as if he was kissing her cheek but when he was in reality whispering. “You will get to annoy a little peeping cat.” Celeste didn’t even turn to look at who he was talking. If the end result was annoying her then she was in. Celeste nodded. “Alright.” She waved at him goodbye as she returned to her own seat. Balthazaar looked at her interested. “What was that about?” Celeste smiled. “I have a date tonight apparently.” The two turning to look at the Professor as class was about to start.


Potion’s Class

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