76: Horrified

Sunsan sat in the theatre horrified. Marcus had forced him into one of these nonsense Terran rituals. His annoying dog spent the entire movie unphased, enjoying holding on to the frightened child he called a mate. While, he was forced to grip the side of the seats and bite on his tongue in order to maintain the socially expected appearance. This entire charade was such nonsense. Sunsan’s hands white by the time the movie ended. Silently, he followed everyone out of the theatre. A deep breath of relief as the theatre building exited his view. Terran rituals were awful.

Marcus smiled down at Rao. It was a soft gentle smile that reminded people of how a father looked at a daughter. “It was cute.” He picked her up in his arms and rubbed his head against hers. “Especially, every time you seemed to jump.” Sunsan groaned. “Must you make me feel sick.” He started to walk away. Marcus cracking up laughing. “I’m sure the movie was the thing that got you sick, scaredy feline.” Sunsan turned around, red in the face. “I am not some irritated feline creature!” While holding Rao even closer to him, Marcus let out a deep rumbly laugh. “Scaredy Feline, Scaredy Feline. May as well be called Sunsan~” Sunsan stormed over to him. “That doesn’t even rhyme you idiot!” Marcus looked down at him. “No one said it had to rhyme.” Sunsan groaned. “This is ridiculous! You are regressing into a complete buffoon!” He turned to Rao. “You! If you are going to leash our dog you can at least use a proper one!” He bent down towards her. “You are taking responsibility for his idiocy now.” Sunsan turning his back on them. “I swear I can’t handle him without Wells.” Marcus cracked up laughing. “You manage to handle me well enough at night without her.” Sunsan turned to look at him annoyed. “ If that was true I would be able to sleep in my own room.” Marcus squeezed Rao even closer and started to kiss her lightly. “You are starting to sound delirious. Go sit down on a bench.” He walked with her over to a food cart to get her whatever snack she wanted. Sunsan going the opposite direction towards one of the vending machines. Zletka crossing his sight. He had forgotten she was there. “You, come. I have been told caffeine is the best cure for this madness.” Sunsan pointing to the many options of drinks, coffees and teas. “ Which would you like?” After she picked one he bought the two drinks and handed the one she ordered to her. “Here.” Sunsan looked at the other direction. It was clear Marcus had no intention of rejoining the two of them. “Let us return. That idiot has already wandered off.” Sunsan started to walk back towards the academy. You could hear him grumbling. “I should of got him neutered…”

After Marcus got her whatever snack she wanted he put her down, so it would be more comfortable for her to eat. He laughed lightly. “Sunsan is not good with horror. I apologize if he upset you.” Marcus listening to her talk and flit about for a bit before turning to point at the wandering off Sunsan. “I guess he and your friend are both being respectful and bowing out.” A predatorial look in his eyes. “So, what would you like to do the rest of this night, my girlfriend?”

Sunsan walked Zletka to her room instead of his. “Your quarters.” A small sigh escaping his lips. “I don’t think your roommate will be back. There will be no need to wait up.”


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