91: Geroln

Rao gave Marcus a dull look before turning back to Leichnik, “After you.” She gave him a smile. “Of course.” Leichnik nodded and led them on a easy path to where the three aliens stood. “Leichnik. We were beginning to wonder when you’d make your way over!” Aarss looked from Leichnik to his two guests. “AND you brought not only a beautiful female, but one of my favorite attendees.” The Bolians smile widened as he first greeted Rao and then turned to Marcus. “Marcus! I tell you, my sister has been raving about you these last couple of weeks. I wasn’t about to bring her this time, but she made me promise to pass on a message and inform you that she will be in taking up you offer to come experience the Terran new year celebrations.” He smiled widely. Rao could barely hide the smirk starting to creep on to her features when Geroln and Cilon turned their heads on Aarss and looked to Leichnik. “This is Rao of the Academy. She is currently working on the newest fleet of ships to be launched at the end of the term.” He gestured for the young woman to step forward. “Cadet Roa, this is Geroln of Tellar Prime, and Cilon of Andoria. Cilon is a former Commander and Geroln is a-” “Is a top engineer who plays a hand in most federation mining expeditions for industrial minerals.” Rao finished for him, “It’s nice to meet you.” She smiled. Geroln stepped forward to study her more closely. “It’s not often a cadet knows so much about me. Are you interesting in geo-technical engineering?”

“Not for the practical effects but for the inspiration.” Rao began to explain. “Tellarites have always been able to produce ingenious feats in engineering and your recent work is no exception. I used to study it to broaden my perspective on how I want to tackle certain problems with the current fleets.” She took quick sip of purple liquid. Cilon spoke next, “What problems?” His voice was curt and to the point. “Mainly with warp core capabilities, but since I’ve gotten a chance to work on the ships first hand it’s more about optimizing systems.” Rao nodded softly as she spoke. Leichnik silently stood back and studied interaction between the cadet and two males. Both seemed to be taking an interest in her…perhaps this would work in his favor after all. From across the room he met a pair of dark eyes who nodded at him. It was time to take the next move. Cilon’s antennae twitched and Geroln chuckled, “I take it this is your first event.” The tellarite observed. “Oh definitely. I’ve never been to something like this, but luckily I have Marcus here to help guide me.” Rao answered casually. Cilon just nodded once. “Here, allow me to get you another drink.” Leicknik effortlessly removed the empty glass from her hand and replaced it with a silver filled cup. “Have you ever had Volcanic spew?” Geroln suddenly asked, his eyes lighting up. “I…haven’t. What is it?” Rao glanced at Leichnik who offered no help. ” It’s blood red with vapors that rise up. They never serve anything like that here, but it’s the best drink in the to come from the quadrant.” Geroln went on while Cilon merely ignored him. “The best in the quadrant?” Rao looked at him skeptically. “I don’t know…I’ve had some pretty good drinks.” Rao said thoughtfully. “BUT you’ve never had Volcanic spew so you don’t know. How can you deny it until you’ve tried it. I’ve been attention these events for years and NOTHING beats Volcanic Spew. Do you agree?” The Tellarites words came out in such a rush that it all but stunned the poor cadet. Rao let out a small breathless laugh, “I guess I do. I’ll have to try it. You’re right.” Her smile became brighter. “I can offer some when it’s time to retire from the event.” Leichnik finally spoke again. “PERFECT.” Geroln agreed. “Consider it done. Anything for such good colleagues.” Leichnik pulled his gaze from the two males to Rao who he caught looking at the dance floor. “Would you care to dance?”

Zletka was loathe to acknowledge her position in Academy considering her genetic advantages as compared to the Terran majority student body. Nonetheless the fluid ranking system was held in high enough regard and her placement on the board was by all means ‘official’. While Etes may have experienced silence, Zletka could not share the sentiment. The disdain this Romulan held for Sunsan was palpable just as it was telling. His thoughts provided a wealth of information into something she wasn’t sure if he would realize even if she were in a position to share. She was aware of his attention returning to her before he spoke. Unfortunately, the time she should have spent coming to a decision has instead been spent analyzing his thoughts and emotions. Now she was out of time with a split decision. “I’ll stay” The Betazoid turned to face him, “…until you are hailed or I hear a song worth returning for.” The words were simple enough. Agreeing, but only in the short term while acknowledging his rank once again. She idly wondered what Rao was doing, but figured Marcus was either keeping a close eye on her or the Terran was already ignorantly wreaking a silent havoc. Her lips turned upwards with hints of a smile at the thought of her friend. Etes’ face soon brought her back into focus with her catching a glimpse of something caught on him. Her eyes widened every so subtly as she attempted to keep her expression calm, having to resort to discreetly wetting her lips to keep from smiling. Vinaa advice to simply remain docile and not initiate anything blared in her head.


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