92: Volcanic Spew

Marcus had chosen to take Well’s advice for once and sit back and watch an interaction. He knew Rao was sociable and naive enough to continue without his every instruction. However, as the conversation went on the feelings of agitation he had towards the Leech was growing. Where was Wells? She should have arrived by now. However, it got to the point he had to intervene. “Leichnik, you have been to so many events by now you should know not to ask another man’s date for a dance. After all you know it isn’t a casual plus one.” Marcus covered Rao’s ears for a moment. “You know better than that insectoid.” He dropped his hands from her ears and smiled. “Sorry. Just a man to man comment. Stuff from the past.” He smiled and turned to the others. “I’m sorry about that. I would of loved to show your sister but unfortunately I have become spoken for.” He put his arm around Geroln. “As for a great drink after this dreadful event with the boys I am so glad for.” Marcus leaning down to kiss Rao’s cheek. “If you wanted to go out afterwards you just have to tell me. I would of arranged it.” He playfully bit her ear before standing up. His gaze at Leichnik showing clear contempt. However, a smile directed towards Cilon. “I was planning on taking Rao to the Blues concert next week. Do you have any connections?”

Wells finished her dance with Sunsan. He seemed to be starting another one when she stepped away. “I have to help Marcus with something.” Sunsan raised a brow at the comment. “Now?” She nodded her head. “Yes. As predicted Rao has gotten him into a predicament.” Sunsan groaned. “Already? She couldn’t last any longer…” Wells shook her head. “She could not.” Sunsan sighed and took her hand. “Let us go then.” Wells looked up at him annoyed. “We? I believe I said I.” Sunsan shook his head. “Like I can leave reigning in Marcus and his penis thinking to you.” She sighed as the two of them headed over to the group. She hated her life sometimes.

Etes moved to sit down on one of the outdoor sofas. He tapped besides him. “Sit then.” He leaned forward and tapped the table. Within a minute a Romulan appeared with two glasses for Romulan Ale. He handed her a glass. “So, Number 1 Cadet and Betazoid representative Zletka let’s chat.” Etes watched her like a hawk until she took a sip. A smug smile appearing on his face. His hand moving to hold her hair for a moment. “Whatever we say about you other races you do have the most unusual hair.” Etes leaned closer to her. “Longer, softer more pleasant to run the fingers through. How odd and completely un-resourceful.” He leaned away for a moment. “I am curious. If you can hear and know everyone’s opinions about you why do you restrain yourself on Terran.” He took another sip of his Romulan ale and watched her intensely again to make sure she took another sip of hers. “It’s obvious why we do. It’s a biological imperative.” Etes leaned closer again so his face wasn’t that far from hers. “Isn’t it contradictory to yours?” He put his hand on her glass and raised it towards her. “Let’s play a game, Zletka. Each glass of ale we finish we can ask each other a question that the other has to answer. And in your case you can certainly know whether or not I lied.” He downed his glass and waited for her to down hers. “I’ll even let you go first, little girl.”

Sunsan and Wells walked into the tall end of the conversation. Both of them having an annoyed look on their faces. Wells turning to look at Leichnik. “Party is it?” Sunsan raised an eyebrow at him. “We are going to a party after this? I had thought you arranged a private room for us.” Wells nodded her head. “I had. I thought it would be the perfect destressor for someone new to such events.” As if. She would just book one now. Marcus smiled at the two. They are late but they had arrived. “Can’t we just skip the private room? It’s been forever since we all enjoyed ourselves.” Marcus turning to wink at Arass. They indeed had some fun times. Wells pretended to think about it for a moment. “Do you guys want to join us there? I should be able to order both canine and tuber root there.” Marcus nodded his head. “The meat there would be great with Volcanic Spew now that I think about it.” Sunsan nodded his head. “Then everyone is happy I see.” Wells turned to look at them. “Would that be alright? If not I’m afraid we’d have to reschedule?” She looked at Marcus for a moment who covered Rao’s ears. Wells whispering. “The idiot actually has something planned for her.” Marcus moved his hands off of her ears. Sunsan glaring at Leichnik.


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