93: I Apologize

“I apologize. I simply noticed her longing looks at the dance floor and didn’t want to interrupt your conversations with the ambassador.” Leichnik feigned mild concern and regret while Rao grew visibly irritated. “I assure you I meant no disrespect and will not do it again. I ask your forgiveness, Cadet Rao.” He gave a respectful bow of the head. Rao merely looked between the two slightly confused. “Oh no, it’s alright. No harm done.” She gave him an encouraging smile. “You’re too kind.” Leichnik raised his eyes from Rao to Marcus. Aarss looked at Rao more closely. “Ah. I should have known when you came with her that she was your date. Leichnik would never be able to bring such an agreeable woman.” The Bolian chuckled, giving Marcus a pat on the back. “My sister will be upset, but I’m sure we’ll find her another male just like all the other women I’m sure were furious when they saw the girl on your arm.” He laughed a bit louder. Rao simply cast a sideways glance at Marcus before turning back to the others with a smile. Gerolm and Cilon were in a short lived conversation about a few points Rao had brought up earlier when Marcus drapped an arm around the Telllarite. “Yes. The Volcanic Spew. Are you coming?” Geroln asked.

Rao’s entire face became hot at Marcus’ ear bite and before she could give him a swat he’d already sat up! The downside of dating a statue: they could just stand and then you’d never be able to reach the damn man. Moving closer to him she gave him a playful pinch before looking up in shock at the mention of a concert. Cilon stood for a moment, seeing the look in Leichnik’s eyes and then Marcus’. “Yes. I will share the details.” He decided while ignoring Leichnik’s general mood. Leichnik’s mood immediately changed at the sound of Sunsan’s voice. “Geroln wanted to have the Cadet try Volcanic Spew. I just so happen to have the ingredients on hand and sought to indulge him in sharing a bit of his culture.” Leichnik spoke easily earning a heave nod from Geroln. “Yes. Have you had it before, Sunsan?” The Tellarite asked, already beginning to get riled up again. Aarss chuckled, “Yes. Who needs a private room? We need a large space- especially for your escapades.” The Bolian agreed, “Maybe we can invite people and get Leichnik a female.” He added. Leichnik merely chose to ignore him. “Canine? YES. Cilon and I will be there and Leichnik can bring the ingredients.” Geroln nodded furiously. When Leichnik began to protest the Tellarite began talking again, “Why not bring it so everyone can enjoy? Weren’t you going to help me open up this Terran’s palate toe best drink in the quadrant?” Geroln’s rapid fire questions easily beat Leichnik into submission. “Of course, of course.” He conceded. Rao swatted Marcus’ hands away. They were going to have a talk when this was over. “A few of my colleagues may want to join. Will that be acceptable?” He asked, looking over to Wells. “We will reconnect when the Romulans decide to kick everyone out. Come Geroln. I have someone you should meet.” Aarss waved the Tellarite and Cilon to follow, “Leichnik and work out his guests.”

Rao watched her new friends leave, waving goodbye. “I really like them.” She murmured, glancing up at Marcus, “and WE need to have a talk later.”

Zletka quietly joined him, careful to leave a respectful distance as she maneuvered the train of her dress. Deft fingers avoided brushing his while accepting the ale. “Thank you.” Her tone was soft; raising the glass for a sip and noting how it placated him. Just as the glass left her lips she felt his fingers entangle in her locks, Vinaa’s once perfect styling seeming to fall to pieces without any resistance. The Betazoid neither shied away or leaned in to his advances, but was instead caught between enjoying the sensation and remaining wary. As soon as his fingers left her hair she ran her fingers through in an attempt to correct any mishaps while ignoring the feeling of pins falling to the cushions. Once again he was probing. “Most Betazoids find it easier to learn restraint when living in a predominantly psi-null environment.” When their eyes met again she took a sip to alleviate the intensity of his gaze. The corners of her eyes crinkled slightly in a smile at his mention of her biological imperative. “Yes, but on Betazed it’s impossible to keep private thoughts, so to lie is to always be exposed. For other species they are quite comfortable with their private thoughts…Are you not?” She inquired, glancing down at his hand on her glass. Studying his expression she listened to the rules of his game while also picking up on the implications. If she asked questions linked to any of this thoughts or exposed a lie then he would gain insight into her abilities. Is she lied then it was a crapshoot, either he’d be able to tell or he wouldn’t. Lying wasn’t exactly in her skill bank; however, and he’d introduced Romulan Ale into the equation- something he had a tolerance against while she didn’t. Mentally she had the upper hand, but physically she did not and with too much Romulan Ale there was no telling how long she’d be able to keep her stronghold let alone maintain her so called ‘restraint’. At his last comment she had to refrain from rolling her eyes. The age different wasn’t exactly vast between them. “Why are you superficially interested in me? Aside from the Ambassador charging you with taking me to dance floor which you have already done.” With a soft inhale she downed the rest of her drink. “So?”


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