94: Boring Question

Wells had no problem giggling a bit at Leichnik’s excuse. She raised her glass to do a customary clink with Aarass. The look between the two of them saying it all. “Why, Sunsan. Instead of dancing with me you could of danced with Rao. She was longing for the dance floor.” Sunsan turned his head annoyed. “As if. She’s Marcus’ responsibility.” The commentary quieting for the moment as other’s left their remarks on the situation. Marcus shrugging. “Looks are just looks. They aren’t a concern of mine.” Wells smirking at the Rao’s expressions changing. The poor girl was really over her head here. Sunsan nodded his head. “Nothing compares to Romulan ale but it certainly had decent flavor. Better then the stuff the Federation serves.” Wells nodded her head. “That’s easy enough to arrange.” Her attention returning to everyone else. A smirk appearing on her and her two puppies at Leichnik’s obvious discomfort. Children should sit down if they don’t want to be played with. Wells waved them off. Her attention turning to the remaining Leichnik. “Who would you like to invite? I have to know their names to let the place know. Unfortunately VIP areas tend to be heavily secured nowadays.” It was very clear Wells was looking down on a him. Her hand taping away at her wristband without taking her eyes off of him. It was a bit scary looking. Marcus picked Rao up again. “Excuse us for a moment. I wanted to show her the balcony.” He quickly walked away and put Rao down when they were alone in a corridor. Marcus patting her head and smiling warmly. “I’m glad you found people you can like at such a nasty event like this.” He kneeled down so he was slightly shorter then her and looked up with the most adorable puppy eyes. “But you need to promise me to avoid Leichnik and whatever requests he has of you okay? He isn’t good people. You can’t trust people like that okay?” Marcus leaned forward to give her a kiss on the cheek. “I can’t always be around to protect you.”

Etes cracked up laughing. “That’s such a boring question.” He ordered another set of Romulan ale before he answered. “I was curious. Sometimes it is that simple.” Etes handed her another glass of ale. He reached out for her and put her on his lap. “Does this make you uncomfortable?”


Happy Birthday Jim

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