95: In The Middle Of The Room

“Nothing compares?” Geroln asked incredulously while focusing more in Sunsan. “You must not have had someone make it correctly. I will make it correctly and then you’ll see.” Geroln was stopped short in his winding up by Aarss who successfully called him away. “Okay. We’re coming.” He bid goodbye to those around them before departing with Cilon who offered a mere nod. Leichnik mentally cursed himself as he attempted to think of people he could invite who would incite suspicion in the others. The problem was that between Wells, Marcus, and Sunsan it would be near impossible to find someone who could slip under all of the radars for the entirety of the night. “I will check with them and confirm their interest, so you don’t have to waste time adding unconfirmed guests.” He gave the room a courtesy sweep with his eyes. “I will have the answer for you within ten minutes. Excuse me.” Stepping away from Wells he went through a mental Rolodex of guests at the party before setting off towards a specific couple from the Confederated Martian Colonie. “Good evening Steve and Sarah. It has been a long time since I’ve managed to hold your company.” He greeted them pleasantly. “Geroln would like to share Volcanic Spew with those who are willing and we are looking for anyone who might indulge him. Marcus, Wells, and Sunsan have agreed along with Geroln and Cilon. Since the location is heavily secure we need the names of those who plan to attend in advance. Would you be amendable?”

Rao wasn’t entirely in the mood to be picked up, but she wasn’t about to make a scene in the middle of an event. As soon as her feet touched the ground; however, she leaned against the wall with arms crossed over her chest. “Uhuh.” Watching him kneel she narrowed her eyes suspiciously only to huff at those puppy dog eyes. “You’re so irritating.” She huffed again while sliding her hands over shoulders. “He hasn’t asked me anything aside from a dance, so don’t worry.” She attempted to assure him, smiling when he kissed her cheek. That smile faded immediately when he mentioned being around to protect her. “Marcus,” Rao pulled back to better see his face, “I’m…” Her knee jerk response was to tell him she didn’t need him to protect her and she could handle herself, but the last thing she wanted was to argue plus she knew Zletka would would remind her she was out of her depth when it came to underhanded politics. And then of course there was teeny (maybe not so teeny) part of her feel all warm inside when he got all protective and sweet.. She sighed before bringing him closer. “I hear you. I can handle it.” With a smile she gave him a kiss. In the back of her mind she wondered if it was proper, but then remembered how he’d bit her IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM. “Do we have to go back out there right away?” She attempted to pull the most innocent face possible before pulling him for another kiss.

Zletka was visibly surprised when he laughed. It was…not unpleasant, but his retort was. Of course it was boring, but she hadn’t expected an actual answer- at least, not vocally. “I see.” Eyeing the two new glasses she suddenly wished she had the level of timely knowledge regarding her internal processes that Vulcan’s possessed. The ease with which he moved her didn’t come as a surprise though his decision to do so certainly did. With a calming breath she kept her gaze on the view ahead. Thankful her hair had fallen forward over her shoulders to create a flimsy barrier between them; she leaned forward just enough to collect a glass from the table. “No.” Combing her fingers through her hair to free her face she held the glass up for him to take. “Simple things don’t make me uncomfortable.” As soon as the words slipped off her tongue she began internally screaming. Was she channeling her inner Vinaa? Had she just slipped up in her irritation? Was the Romulan ale already working? Was it the fact that she was nervous?

Regardless she was only one glass of Romulan ale in.


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