97: The Reocurring Cadet

Tarique was exiting the recreational facilities when his wrist band vibrated. Upon seeing who the notification was for he stilled. All past experience led to the hypothesis that this would not be pleasant, but seeing as the hour was late he opened it. Scanning over it quickly he immediately sent a response: [Affirmative]. Wells had no reason to lie and given his extensive knowledge of Rao’s personality defects as well as her newly earned responsibilities; it was plausible and therefore agreeing was logical.

“Hey, Tarique. What are you doing out so late?” A recognizable voice earned the Vulcan’s attention. “I was utilizing the recreational facilities.” He answered calmly. “Oh. Yeah, I guess I forget you guys don’t need as much sleep sometimes.” Cadet Gotobed laughed a bit awkwardly. “I see.” Tarique watched him for a moment, “I am returning to the dorms. Are you going as well?” He asked, neither surprised or relieved when Gotobed accompanied him. “So if you aren’t going to bed, what are you going to do? Meditate?” The Cadet asked curiously. “On most occasions I continue with my studies or meditate. Tonight I have been invited to an event.” Tarique explained. “This late!?” Gotobed check his wrist band for the time. “At 12 a.m.” Tarique clarified. “Wow…you Vulcans really know how to party.” Gotobed chuckled. “It is not a Vulcan event. I have been invited by a colleague.” Tarique once again corrected the Terran’s assumptions. “Anyone I know?” Gotobed held the door open as they entered the building. “I’m not sure of your relations with her, but I would presume you are at least familiar.” Tarique stopped when they reached his door, “Enjoy the rest of your evening.” Once the door shut behind him Tarique stepped into the bathroom. He had approximately one hour and thirty minutes before he needed to be there thus giving him ample time to prepare.

Rao smiled against his lips. “Good…” Closing her eyes she lost herself in his kisses, letting her hands wander playfully until she was absolutely positive she had his undivided attention. “Hey, do you remember what I told you earlier?” She asked softly between kisses. “I gave you a warning about patting me on the head and you did it again so…” She pressed herself closer against him while deepening the kiss before abruptly ending it, “This is all you get now for the rest of the night.” She booped him on the nose and smiled. “Shall we get back? There’s a tray of those orange-green things with my name on ’em!” Clapping her hands she rubbed them together determinedly.

The urge to roll her eyes was so great Zletka took a sip of the Romulan ale merely to distract herself. Closing her eyes briefly as if she were savoring the taste, she opened them with a question in mind. “I was under the impression Romulans didn’t like to be physically intimate with beings they perceived as inferior, but I suppose it’s easier when you’re hidden on a balcony. Isn’t it?” Her gaze remained trained on him as she downed the rest of her glass.

Leichnik smiled at Sarah’s answer, his gaze barely sparing more than a moment to see where Steven hurried off to before settling back on Sarah. A glint came to his eyes. “Why Sarah…you know me so well.” He covertly positioned himself so they were both able to better view the party while also making it difficult for others to possibly read his lips. “The short one in red.” He answered while purposely looking at someone else dressed in red for appearances sake. “Do you have any opinions or insight to offer?” His smile showed sharp teeth.


Capt Sisko Interviews a Cadet

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