98: Punishment?

Marcus shook his head back and forth and smiled to himself. It was funny watching himself be dragged off by such a short adorable little thing. It was even more fun to know that her ‘punishment’ wasn’t punishment at all. All she did was say the words he had to say before he did. But if this was counting for her, Marcus wasn’t going to ruin the moment. “I have been to these parties many times and have yet to try these orange-green things you are talking about.” A shy smile on his face as he stood behind her watching her enjoy the free food.

Etes cracked up laughing. “Isn’t it funny what happens when you start backing a small creature into a corner. How you try so hard to bite back.” He rolled around so she was pushed down between him and the outside sofa. “To call what that was physical intimacy displays a sore lack of knowledge for a warp capable species.” His hand lingered slightly on her cheek before he stood up and walked back over to the balcony. It was his turn after all. “Tell me Beatzoid, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about me so far.”

Sarah’s smile brightened. “A red dress, huh. In fact, I may know exactly who you’re talking about.” She reached out to grab two new glasses of wine for Leichnik and her. “After we were introduced I heard all about a connection to the new ships being made for us. Seems little ‘ol red dress provided the plans.” Her eyes turning a moment to look at the few Romulans who noticed their conversation. She smiled at them and waved her hands before turning back to the ‘girl in the red dress’ Leichnik was looking at. “I’d personally suggest doing some background research before making a grand play. It seems she has been leashed by quite a few owners.” Sarah turning back to him. “Would you care to dance?”

Wells headed towards one of the balconies. She had spotted Sunsan trying to find her and was not in the mood to listen to him talk. Wells leaned down on the bars and turned her head. Shock when she Etes on the other balcony. Sitting on the outdoor sofa was Zletka. “To think that’s where she wondered off too.” Of course it was Etes fault Rao wasn’t being properly managed.

“Cadet Wells.”

She turned around to see Sunsan’s father standing there. Romulan events sucked. “Yes Ambassador.” He walked closer to her. Displeasure was clearly marked on his face. “My wife has informed of the outburst from early. My apologies.” She waved it away. There was no point dwelling what was fake and unreal. “It is no problem at all.” He nodded his head and pulled out a piece of paper and a small bag. “There’s your 12 bags of Latinum.” He handed over both things to her. A wicked smile on her face. “My thanks, Ambassador.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “I am waiting for the day you go too far over the edge.” Wells looked at him sarcastically. “And I’m still waiting for the day you stop reminding me.”


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