99: You Don’t Have To

“What?” Rao’s eyes widened. “You’ve never tried these?!” She whisper-yelled; her fingers unconsciously resting against her lips as she finished a bite. “Okay. So when you first see it it’s a little jarring, BUT stick with it because when it bursts in your mouth…” Her eyes closed briefly, “you’re going to be addicted. I promise.” Serving him one she wasted no time in collecting another for herself. “I’m a little scared to find out what this is, so if you know- just don’t tell me.” A soft laugh escaped her. “Now hurry and try it before I take them all.” She gave his arm a light squeeze. “Is there anyone else you need to say hi to?” Rao glanced around the room before realizing there’s no way she’d ever know anyway. “Oh, try the purple one too. It’s the runner up.” She murmured just in case.

The sudden shift made Zletka hyper-aware of both her physical state and the ale’s rapid blurring of edges. She found herself biting her tongue to keep from an honest retort. Once his back turned she felt a wave of tension leave her mind. “The most interesting thing?” The question alone made her want to groan. “You’re well informed, manipulative, calculating, physically suggestive, and callous…” Zletka found herself at a loss for where she was going exactly, “which is all uninteresting.” She admitted a bit more frankly than intended. “So it would have to be your laugh.” Easing her tone she made herself more comfortable. The sight of more Romulan ale served weighed on her, but she picked up the glass nevertheless. Pulling her gaze from the Romulan she glanced at the other balcony, the sight of Wells a sobering reminder. She straightened up. “Were you able to find what you’ve been probing for?”

“I had a suspicion you might.” Leichnik accepted the glass in kind. “Thank you.” With a sip he nodded as she spoke, his gaze never straying too far from his new female in red. “Luckily someone is already working on it as we speak. The details should be ready by the time we’ve exhausted Romulan hospitality.” He clinked his glass against hers. “Of course, if I ever turn down a dance from you make sure to have me put down.” Taking her hand he led her to the dance floor. “Now I know the invitation was enticing, but I have to ask why you were so quick to agree. Is there something I need to assist you with?” He has absolutely no qualms with helping aiding her in any goal- so long as it didn’t compromise his own. Spotting the actual female in red he casually turned his eyes back to his lovely dance partner. “Speaking of leashes; she isn’t a casual guest. Her date made that blatantly clear.”

Full on treats, Rao kept glancing towards the dance floor in search of Zletka. “Marcus, can we dance?” Looking up at him she attempted her best puppy dog eyes. “Please?”



Star Trek Enterprise: Foreign Food

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