Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c10

I sat on my very uncomfortable throne sighing. In front of me was an unbothered nonchalant Heka.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

He shook his head.


I turned my head to Morte. The adorable Seishun was floating over his left shoulder.


The lich nodded his head.

“Master Heka used the rest of the research materials. In his panic when he realized he ended up spilling his creations all over your belongings.”

I turned to look at Heka. He seemed to be glaring at the expressionless Morte. He was a dried up magical mummy. What did the research addict expect?

“Now do you have anything to say?”

The annoying idiot looked away awkwardly.

“I started the research… using the first batch of materials shouldn’t be mentioned… I’m the expert here…your no-otes… they shouldn’t matter much.”

My exasperation turned into anger.

“The master, huh. YOU would think a master would be educated enough to keep track of his supplies. Even be able to know what is affordable or not. MAYBE even not piss of his supplier.”

What was left of Heka’s cool guy mask fell off. When it came to research he really did have a weak side. He started to point at me all agitated.

“YOU knew nothing before me. I the Magical Emperor Dragon taught you everything you know!”

I crossed my legs to look more imposing.

“Really? When it came to dungeons and their abilities I thought I was the teacher here.”

I leaned forward to glare at him.

“Aren’t I the dungeon master? The only one able to operate the core of the dungeon?”

Heka finally collapsed.

“This is revenge isn’t it. For my wonderful teaching methods.”

Sighing, I stood up from the throne and walked over towards him. Leaning down over for him the first time I chuckled.

“Someone has some DP to earn…”

Heka looked away.

“I didn’t ruin that many Skill Scrolls…

Skill Scrolls were the other method of learning abilities. On the scrolls were reproduced figures that would appear in one’s mind. Mana would flow from the scroll into you and you would automatically learn the recorded ability. In order to keep up with the basics of Heka’s tutoring I had to spend a lot of DP on basic Lv.1 skills. Now not only were all of our expensive supplies used up but my unused Skill Scrolls were ruined.

All the DP spent so far gave me this current status.

Name: Ame

Race: Arch Demon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 15

HP: 2300/2300

MP: 7200/7200

Strength: 660

Resistance: 730

Agility: 563

Mana: 1001

Dexterity: 1234

Luck: 89

Skill points: 5

Unique Skills

Mana Eye



Item Box

Analyze Lv5

Martial Arts Lv1

Source Magic Lv2

Stealth Lv 2

Alchemy Lv1

Ancient Language Lv.1

Arcane Lore Lv. 1

Appraising Lv.1

Astrology Lv. 1

Bluff Lv.1

Breath Control Lv.1

Concealment Lv. 2

Cooking Lv.1

Enchanting Lv.1

Story Telling Lv.2


Demon Lord From Another World

DP: 980

Basically, I had a bunch of un-mastered skills. The only new ones I had gotten were for obvious reasons: feed, run and entertain. The rest had been from a mass dump of DP that he had demanded as requirements.


He stood up and looked as if he was about to cry. I WAS WINNING.

“Can’t I just get us more DP?”

I have to keep this advantage going. I needed to savor it.

“From where? The forests on the other side of the canyon or the frozen wasteland? Last time I checked you said the the part that wasn’t another dragon’s territory was running out of prey because you killed too much. Didn’t the frozen wasteland bother you?”

Heka smiled like a smug asshole all of a sudden.



“There’s always the areas around the inlet town of Yard or the coastal town of Blarc.”

I took a step back from him.


He walked forward and waved his finger in my face.

“Someone didn’t take the time to scout and see if there was anything proper at the end of the canyon.”

I took a few more steps back and started to head towards the safety net of my throne.

“But you said I the canyon went to the sea…I memorized the countries below us….”

Heka had a giant smirk on his face.

“That sounds like a slip in judgement. To not even confirm the information yourself.”

I felt his hand cup my face. That bastard’s evil smirk!

“Maybe I have to intensify my teaching lessons.”

My face turned bright red.

“The lessons… That’s right the lessons! There is so many of them. Very time consuming. No time for anything else!”

Heka moved his hand away to pat my head.

“I guess I’ll let that work for now.”

Ugh. This bastard!

“Whatever, I’m going to check out these towns!”

Heka waved me off.


I flew towards one end of the canyon. The oddest sight awaiting me. Somehow, the gap in the land that was this canyon ended right before the ocean. A small pathway was created between the forest hills on one side to a large-ish independent town. It must of belonged to the country on the other side of the canyon.


The town had all the right bones to become beautiful. I opened up my screen. The dungeon expansion was definitely heading towards this side of the canyon first. I was pleased to see my map expansion. Finally, I was getting more color in it.

“I might as well enjoy the view.”

I waited to see the sunset. It wasn’t as spectacular as the canyon, but there was a beautiful red hue to sky that reflected off the water and onto the trees that surrounded one side of the town.


I got back to the dungeon to the sight of a large pile of monsters. Heka was chuckling as Morte took record of the creatures for DP calculations. He really was reliable.

“Are you trying to make the other areas useless as well…”

The two turned around. Heka’s smile reminded me of a cat’s.

“This is just enough to replace all the supplies that were used and those other Skill Scrolls.

I walked over to Morte to see how far he had gotten with the DP total.

“Fine. But you better make sure there isn’t a trace of this mess on the floor.”

Morte nodded his head. Heka walked over and wrapped his arms around me from behind. His head resting on top of mine.

“Since that’s taken care of can we have dinner now?”

I nodded my head.

“For you a salad.”

Heka pinched my cheeks and pulled them out. I swatted his hand away.

“Fine, a salad and a slice of pie.”

He squeezed me into a tight hug.

“That’s fine.”


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